San Diego State Wins At Buzzer!

San Diego State overcomes a 14-point deficit and takes its first lead with a shot at the buzzer to beat Florida Atlantic, 72-71.

It’s the fifth-biggest comeback in Final Four history.

Of course, guard Lamont Butler, who hit the winning shot, was a three-star prospect at Riverside Poly.

It’s a tough loss for Florida Atlantic coach Dusty May, who 20 years ago was a video coordinator/administrative assistant at USC.

Who will San Diego State play? UConn? Miami?

20 thoughts on “San Diego State Wins At Buzzer!

  1. I feel very, very strongly that USC would be in the thick of things at this moment if it hadn’t been for some bad calls in the second half of the Michigan State game…

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      1. MG, UCLA has no excuses. The Bruin offense went 40 below ZERO.

        The FAU HC was cool during his post game interview. He said his team had no excuses for losing and congratulated SDSU BB team’s epic come behind victory.

        Had that been Andyain’twinning, he would have been seething over some BS that cost the bozo the victory…except, of course, his sh*tty coaching.

        I’m pulling for SDSU to win the NC. They got heart.

        Barkley must be 0 for the tournament on his winner picks. He had FAU winning…Ouch!

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      2. Ugh, only thing wurse than the smell of 3-day old flounder is heering about how ucla baskitball has no excuses. smdh.

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      3. Had that been JustOwns, he would have been seething over some BS injuries, or “facts” that cost the ucla the victory…except, of course, his sh*tty trolling.

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    1. I cannot explain why it repeated I signed into the account and it said “repeat comment blah blah blah” so I didn’t intend to post twice. I guess it’s April first or something.

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  2. So message to USC fans. Does The bohner fire stale flavor Andy ain’t winning shyt Enfield for the San Diego state Coach? Right after the game Monday?

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      1. You know folks, that’s what St. Patrick thought when employed Andyain’twinning 10 years ago. Clearly, St. Patrick made that decision at last call at a hotel bar…”Dbl. fireball for the Road please”

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  3. Memo to: Little Frankie Young

    I’m better at Clown U trolling than Andyain’twinning is at leading the ONE&DONE, moribund, bozo BB program.

    Frankie baby, you’re nothing but a teen party, cover poster.

    Cue: Ring-Around-a-Rosy


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