USC Sunday Buzz: Is This A Red Flag For The Fall?

It seems a little odd that after just four spring practices in full pads, USC needed to cancel a practice because it didn’t have enough players at key positions.

Yes, spring rosters are always thinner than fall rosters. But USC’s also brought in transfers. USC’s added 21 spring enrollees overall including recruits and transfers.

It’s not a huge deal for spring. But it does raise the question of whether USC has the physicality to play at a championship level. Last year was not championship level as the final two games showed. It was a good season but not what you see from the nation’s elite.

And it looks like the spring practices might be compromised by depth issues. So we have some legitimate questions, especially when the schedule is better this season.

  • Here’s some reactions to the San Diego State’s game-winning shot:

27 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Is This A Red Flag For The Fall?

  1. Here you have a minor sports-miracle with San Diego St
    having been buried in the first half and trailing in the 2nd by 14
    and then systematically pecking away wilting away at that lead
    until it got it down to 1-point with about 6-seconds as Aztecs
    fly down the court for the winning shot and their first lead as the game ends.
    It was the only second State was ahead but it was the only second that counted

    My modestly interested wife screamed and I flew off the bed in almost disbelief.
    The college crowd on campus watching on a big-screen tv spontaneously became
    jumping-jacks with excitement, and the ecstatic Aztec-fans at the game screamed
    and group-hugged– but all for less than one-minute as the happiness-effects quickly wore off.

    One of the most unexpected memorable moments in sports history
    and we only get a one-minute ‘high’ from it? To prolong that rare sports feeling
    I have observed over the years a few souls literally dancing
    their way out of the stadium and continuing on into the night

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  2. Now about the odds-makers expecting a score of about
    Connecticut 70
    San Diego St 62 or 63
    I say how can the ‘Conn’ playing 3 white guys much of the time
    out-duel State playing none, no offense but whites usually just
    don’t have the best basketball-moves and only get on the court if they can
    shoot a little, so keep them off the 3-point line and State might
    have a “boxer’s” chance


    1. You have watched so much sports over so many years and this is the best analysis you can offer? White guys don’t play like black guys? I don’t expect you to have gleam the nuance of these players being so experienced for UCONN but to dismiss them from having a chance based on appearance? They crushed Alabama when they played them! I expect that from stev or Tebow but counselor? An idiom ad absurdum?


      1. Exactly ‘White,’ try explaining to “World’ that it’s called satire or self-effacing humor,
        picking on your own race, but ol’ ‘Earth’ likes to criticize instead of joining in the fun,
        and perhaps he is sore that there is truth in our little jokes as evidenced by the NBA being 75% Non-White, which by the way ‘Earth’ includes Latins and Asians.


  3. I think that the woke crowd ought to be consistent and force SDS to change their nick name. The “Aztecs” were cannibals and much of their society were slaves. They were heavily involved with human sacrifice. Using a certain group as a teams nickname is usually to honor them. You never see teams honoring bad actors. Can you imagine instead of the Oregon Ducks calling themselves the Oregon Nazi’s or the Utah KKK’s.
    Yet nobody says a thing when SDS honors a society full of murderers. We’re taking down statues of Jefferson and Washington because they may have owned a few slaves and at the same time honoring a people who were heavily into slavery.

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    1. Aztec culture is barbaric in your perspective. Granted. So what do you call the genocide of indigenous humans in North America who are forced to salute the flag that Amerigo Vespucci helped to create at their existence expense? The past is not upon us. No one is removing Jefferson or Washington statues. Go serve your red herrings elsewhere.


      1. You could say that about anything. Whatever countries you have today, they conquered them to get them. Nobody is going to say to an aggressor “here’s the deed to our land….we are handing it over to you and we will now gladly serve you as your slaves”.
        You need to start living in the real world. Just like america, Canada had indians. How do you think Canada got the land? They conquered them. Many of the tribes that we took the land from were conquerers themselves who took land from other tribes and took the ones who were still alive as slaves….notably the Commanches. In africa you had the Eshantes and other warrior tribes.
        But america was never into cannibalism and human sacrifice. If you are going to dis-continue to honor native americans by taking their names off of sports teams, you shouldn’t be willing to honor the Aztecs who were barbarians.


      2. Yep, the Donner party was a camping trip turned barbecue but civilized as possible. By the way, Canada and all of North America saw smallpox decimate populations of indigenous people. You call that conquering? If Aztec is so offensive to you then accept that fact that most of history is just as offensive and stop trying to use cancel culture tactics.


      3. Your logic defies me. The Donner Pass party were a bunch of immigrants who left Springfield Illinois in route to California. As they were going through Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevadas they hit a blizzard and got stranded and there was some cannibalism(probably after the people were dead) to survive. There was 89 that started the trip. Only 45 survived(which doesn’t mean that the other 44 were eaten).
        The Aztecs killed  by  drowning, by starvation, by throwing victims from great heights, and by cutting out their heart(while they were alive), by draining their blood. They had certain gods which were special gods that they only sacrificed children to.
        They did it everyday. The only exception was the five-day period from January 28 to February 1 known as Nemontemi, a time of fasting throughout the empire. They had been doing that long before Cortez ever got there.
        They were heavily into slavery. They would conquer the tribes around them and either sacrifice them or bring them into slavery. The surrounding tribes hated them. 
        The Aztecs had 100,000 warriors. Cortez had 600 men. How do you think Cortez conquered them? He organized all surrounding tribes (who hated the Aztecs and wanted to see them conquered) and formed his own army of 100,000.
        Smallpox decimated populations of indigenous people??? Maybe so but that wasn’t done deliberately. The Europeans came over here with dormant diseases inside of them that they had natural immunities that protected them which the indigenous people didn’t have. But they didn’t know that. They weren’t deliberately trying to kill people.
        Most of history is just as offensive  as the Aztecs? That just isn’t true. Barbarians like the Aztecs are a small minority in history just like the Nazi’s. The majority of people in the world just want to grow up in peace, get married, have a family and raise their kids in a way that their kids can grow up in peace. Give me a break. 


      4. White males in america are rapidly being depicted as criminals. Since they still hold a majority in this country I’m surprised that they don’t fight back before they all end up being thrown in prison.


  4. Poor white men feel endangered but the wealthy ones I know are getting paid and finding ways to screw the dumb ones.


    1. Probably so but all the rich aren’t white and you can take all of the filthy rich and add them up and they will make up maybe 2 % of the population(probably less).


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