USC Notes: Scrimmages Ahead For Trojans

USC is going to scrimmage the next two Saturdays. The second scrimmage will be open to the public.

“To be able to get into some of those live situations and watch us tackle, or watch us have the opportunity to run through tackles and finish blocks and get off blocks defensively, (that is what the coaches will pay attention to),” Lincoln Riley said.

The truth is spring scrimmages don’t often show the holes that will exist during the season. The tackling is usually adequate in spring games. It’s just different in the actual fall games. Against an actual opponent. When fatigue also sets in. But that won’t stop fanboys from proclaiming a difference in the scrimmage at the Coliseum.

  • USC guard Reese Dixon-Waters, who is in the transfer portal, has been contacted by Texas.

26 thoughts on “USC Notes: Scrimmages Ahead For Trojans

      1. Notice how ‘Ol Mule Shoe quit releasing clips of USC practices? He doesn’t want people seeing that idiot Donte Williams prancing around in women’s tights…LOL!

        The guy looks like a fucking clown


    1. It’s all good. Scott isn’t talking about the “good” fanboys —-only the “bad” fanboys….

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      1. And yet MG and the rest of the trumpster fanboys here will give “likes” to slo cal’s “nosen rosen” anti-semitic comment.

        Give me a break


  1. Do life partner’s ‘Ol Mule Shoe and Alex Grinch require that the other idiot Donte Williams prance around practice wearing women’s tights for their viewing pleasure?

    If they do they’re a couple of sick puppies!


  2. 67% of Republicans have said they will never buy an electric car. No car manufacturer will produce non-electric cars after 2030. Will Republicans instead take public transportation?

    So Cal said, he’s saving up for a long-range lithium battery for his two-wheel chair……ouch!


    1. …we’ll probably all be dead by 2035, Gabby….

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    2. No car manufacturers will produce electric cars in 2035? When was this decided? Or is this based on the unenforceable California mandate? There are many real impediments to widespread conversion to electric motors from ICE.

      First the current US electrical grid would need an overhaul and reinvestment to the tune of $1T+. Who will pay for this? Utilities can’t afford to do so. And in developing nations, where the vast majority of the 8B global population resides, the infrastructure is in far worse condition to permit a shift from ICE to electric. Will economic and social progress be stopped in developing nations to appeal to the desires of the affluent west?

      Secondly and sort of related, transmission loss results in electric cars actually being 30% as efficient as ICE. Energy is lost when transmitted from a more centralized power generating station to a car charger. ICE do not have this power loss since power production is decentralized – in each vehicle engine.

      Third, electric batteries require the mining of very expensive and rare earth minerals which is highly unfavorable to the environment.

      Fourth, disposal of electric batteries is currently very environmentally harmful, and it is extremely expensive to recycle electric batteries.

      This is not to say electric cars will not replace some ICE but based on the current electrical grid, replacing ICE with electric is really about shifting the point of pollution since electric power generation is overwhelmingly based on fossil fuels.

      If the above factors were to be resolved and electric power generation were to be less expensive and cleaner than ICE, which it is not now, than I don’t think anyone would object to a shift to electric vs. ICE. The opposition most people have to electric vehicles is that the power generation required to get the equivalent of an ICE coupled with the actual pollution does not make them appealing to most consumers.

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      1. Actually he said 2030! But as usual, just making shit up.

        Approximately 5.7% of US car sales were fully electric car sales in 2022. That’s up from 3.2% in 2021, 1.7% in 2020, and 1.4% in 2019. We are not getting anywhere near 100% in 7 years.

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      2. So cal: “We are not getting anywhere near 100% in 7 years”

        What the fuck dude!!!!!…. Another example of a lack of comprehension. What is wrong with your brain, I am serious! This is simple stuff yet you struggle to understand. You really need to have a dementia screening.

        Let me break this down in a very simple form. Try to focus. My comment had absolutely nothing to do with the volume/percentage of sales. By 2030 manufacturers will only be able to sell electric cars, no more ICE, from what I recently read. In 7 years all “new” car sales will be 100% electric.

        Ok, give me some name-calling excuses.

        “But as usual, just making shit up”……once again, another cognitive lapse, yet I am the so-called “dumbass”…..look in the mirror old man


    3. Gabby,

      I am saving up now so in 2030, I can buy a GMC Denali Diesel. Engine runs for 500,000 miles. Electirc cars are more expensive to run and they are more dangerous and polluting than an engine car. Political Crap Wokeness running and ruining an industry.


      1. I am neutral on electric cars. You will not see me buying one anytime soon due to the initial cost and limited range. I had a Duramax back in the early 2000s, great truck. I could get 15mpg towing 13k pounds cruising on the freeway. If I remember correctly, diesel was about $1.60 a gallon in Las Vegas. The Allison tranny is what separates the GM trucks.


  3. Not to worry, American cities will run wires in the streets and cars will be like slot cars. They will be self driving and nobody will own one, people will just schedule a pickup and the car will deliver them to their destination.

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    1. “In the end, the revelation of his consensual adulterous affair with Daniels got out anyway – but it did not turn the election to Hillary Clinton. I wish it had.
      I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. I voted for her, and I contributed to her campaign.”

      This is where Dershowitz lost me…

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