Who Will Select Jordan Addison?

If you look at the teams former USC wide receiver Jordan Addison is meeting with before the NFL Draft, he falls into the Nos. 14-27 range of the first round.

Among the teams Addison is meeting with are the Giants, Vikings, Ravens, Patriots, Bills and Chargers. Most of those teams are between the Nos. 21-27 picks.

Late first round might be a little lower than Addison expected a year ago coming off the Biletnikoff Award but it’s still a good spot for any receiver to get drafted.


39 thoughts on “Who Will Select Jordan Addison?

  1. Anybody know the range of contracts for 1st round NFL selections–
    1-5 10-40 millions
    6-10 8-20 millions?
    Addison might command a $10-million contract if selected 21-27


      1. Paging Marqise Lee.

        What happened to Marqise Lee?

        Marqise Lee: Still injured…What a shock, uh Clownsters.

        “Lee opted out of the 2020 season and was cut by the Patriots with a failed physical earlier this offseason, and it appears he’s still not back to full health. The 29-year-old hasn’t suited up for NFL action since 2019, when he was held to 18 receiving yards across six games with the Jaguars.” Just another bozo NFL BUST!

        Jordan’s small body will not stand up to the vicious pounding he’s sure to receive from large, NFL LB’s, corners and safeties. He’ll no doubt develop T-Rex arms.


    1. Check out ‘Ol Mule Shoe unable to look the press in the eye after having been outted about his gay relationship with Alex Grinch. Look how nervous he is


      1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe can’t bring himself to fire his lover Alex Grinch, I’m afraid USC is stuck with a know nothing fake defensive coordinator for the foreseeable future.



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        Thanks for the laugh!

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      7. LOL! Yeah, just those two.

        It’s hilarious the lies you keep telling yourself. But hey, as George told Jerry, “It’s not a lie, if YOU believe it.”

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      8. How many months has it been since you posted anything related to USC football?

        I am sure you can’t remember that far back, be honest with yourself


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    3. He won’t get the $$$ but he’ll be on a better team. And if he is any good at the NFL level his second contract will be a big one.


  2. gee,iff thay wendt to the muun and didnt axe me to gow wit them than imma gonna be reely angrey cuz who dont wunt me arownd wit awl my funey taiks end brilyint in sytes on things and stuf,smdh

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  3. The NFL salary cap for 2023 is 224.8 million. Don’t think I would want to pay Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud $40 million as the #1 pick. They may be good but neither one is a sure thing. That’s close to 18% of the cap and you need 40 other players. You may be better off saving money, trading the pick and acquiring multiple midlevel 1st and 2nd round picks and then wait for a proven quarterback to become available via trade or free agency.

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  5. Who cares? He’s not a real Trojan, the guy was at USC for a semester, bummed #3 from QB Carson Palmer to try and upstage WR Keyshawn, missed a few regular season games and skipped the Cotton Bowl.

    Move on. He won’t be missed.


  6. Who cares? Addison is not a real Trojan, the guy was at USC for a semester, bummed #3 from QB Carson Palmer to try and upstage WR Keyshawn, missed a few regular season games and skipped the Cotton Bowl.

    Move on. He won’t be missed.


  7. All hail the chief. Karen McDougal will be his downfall, not Stormy. He will testify because he has no common sense. He doesn’t need to speak.

    Jordan listened to the wrong people. His lack of preparation for the combine was fatal.

    Owns, do UCLA players ever come back to the school?


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