If You Rebuild It, They Won’t Come

USC baseball is one of the surprising teams in the country and somehow contending for first place in the Pac-12.

But you wouldn’t know it from the crowds at Dedeaux Field, which are the smallest since at least 2018, according to Annenberg Media.

USC currently averages 454 fans per game. Last year, when USC went 25-28, it drew 573 fans per game.

Obviously, the fans/students, used to years of neglect, have not caught on to the turnaround.

This is where Coach Bohn needs to get his marketing dept. more involved to support baseball and try to get more students to the games.

Bohn loves to talk about increasing the “intensity of interest” of fans but USC averaged just 3,667 per game in basketball before Arizona juiced the figures with its late-season visit.

He needs to support the baseball program while it is the talk of the Pac-12.


31 thoughts on “If You Rebuild It, They Won’t Come

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        The correlation you were trying to make failed. But I am the one with reading comprehension issues. I truly feel sorry for the people around you who have to deal with a sociopath.

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  1. Scott….MLB just went through some major changes in to appeal to the fans. Winning isn’t going to draw fans, it’s the actual game itself. The pace of baseball is not in line with how many young adults are weird. The average MLB fan is 58 years old.

    When you can’t attack the product on the field you resort to the usual mentality of attacking the lack of spectators.

    Where are all the football interviews?(crickets)


  2. In springtime, the sounds emanating from old Bovard Field, which I fondly recall, were sweet seasonal music. A siren’s call, class attendance diverting at times.

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    1. Rushy does a crummy Tiny Tim imitation. Rushy gets a C- for pretentious BS and no ukulele .

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      1. Oh, JustOdious, once again you’ve checked the pathologically juvenile, ultracrepidarian, decrepit septuagenarian with a putrid, self-delusional, churlish bile soaked brain, and envy born of self-loathing and failure boxes. Once again, cue Skew Siskin’s “Head Up Your Ass.”


  3. Scooter,

    You are correct. However, none of the sports sections support college baseball. Used to get a write up and the scores in the paper. Not anymore. I watch it on Live Stream.

    Scooter, you could have mentioned that SC is playing San Deigo St starting tonight and through Saturday. I will be there on Saturday.

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  4. It has been too cold at night for the evening baseball games with opponent lacking a name. Now 6: 30 pm starts on Saturday. It was
    fun on a Saturday afternoon to still have the evening to go out on
    the town. Team needs to prove it is legitimate, and will not fold at
    season’s end. No star pitcher to draw a crowd on the weekend. I
    have followed the baseball program closely since the early 70’s

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  5. I don’t believe the colleges implemented “the clock” into the game as MLB has
    which has shaved about a half hour off the length of games because pitchers
    and batters have no time anymore to readjust their jock straps


  6. Memo to: Rushy Mushy

    re: Oh, JustOdious, once again you’ve checked the pathologically juvenile, ultracrepidarian, decrepit septuagenarian with a putrid, self-delusional, churlish bile soaked brain, and envy born of self-loathing and failure boxes. Once again, cue Skew Siskin’s “Head Up Your Ass.”

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  7. You nailed it Wolfie
    That baseball program has a really good coach and he’s doing his job because they are winning as they have everywhere he was a HC. Now Bohn needs to do his job and let people know that we have a real good baseball program.


  8. Memo to: Mushy, the Bard of Auld Reekie

    re: “Deflection drivel, as usual, JustOdious. You should apply the back side of your pseudonym and simply own up to being the envious troll that you are.”

    I do not claim to know WTF a doltish, toothy donkey like yourself Mushy, thinks or means, nor do I care: I don’t speak donkey. I’m just not interested on your cheesy, Tiny Tim reminisces of grazing on Auld Blowhard Field crabgrass, as stray bullets whiz by, back in the day.

    #Mushy, the Bard of Auld Reekie: floats like SUCC frat party beer farts; stings like a ladybug.

    Is it true Mushy, you’re working on a cover of James Brown’s “Please, Please, Please” with a bagpipe band?

    Is it true Mushy, you love the smell of gun powder smoke in the morning?


  9. Are the students on break? Does anyone look forward to sitting in stands freezing at a college baseball game? Is the beer that bad?


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