At USC, You Have To Compete

You want to know the difference between being at USC and Arizona?

New cornerback Christian Roland-Wallace sprained his ankle the first day of spring practice and when he returned, he was put on the second team. If he were at Arizona, he would have been right back on the first team when he came back from the injury.

To his credit, Roland-Wallace intercepted a pass in Monday’s practice. It’s a pretty safe bet he will start during the season.

But at USC, there are enough players to make most everyone compete. A lot of Pac-12 teams don’t have that luxury.

  • Have you heard of Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs?

The 10,000-seat arena will host Arizona vs. Michigan State in basketball on Thanksgiving Day.

  • The reports the Pac-12 might strike a deal with the CW were apparently rubbish according to John Ourand.

46 thoughts on “At USC, You Have To Compete

    1. Hillary & Dementia. Not as if there were great choices.

      Thank God we never found out what life would have been like with Hillary running things. But life with Dementia running things the past couple of years has been a total nightmare, not only for Americans but for people all over the world. Weakness has us on the verge of WWIII, except to those who live in an alternate reality.

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      1. I don’t mind political talk, but going to the same sorry trope of Biden & Dementia reeks of desperation for acceptance. It’s low-hanging fruit and it’s lazy.
        I feel sorry for your friends and family.


      2. A lot more people feel sorry for yours. Besides, Owns is the one who brought it up.

        Mom’s calling. Time for your 4:30 feeding!


      3. SoCal,

        We get it. You don’t care for Hillary or Joe.
        What do you think about this claim by Trump?


      4. Why would you bring up Hilary when Trump tried to take over the country? Are your neo-facist desires secretly coming out? Hilary was a fraud but Trump deserves no support. Hilary would have been more competent than both Trump and Biden. Although it would have been trash with her as president, we’re no closer to world war because Russia has been exposed as a paper tiger like China. India has been beating the Chinese like rag dolls along their shared border. Putin is scared of his own generals and “chef” for fear of being replaced. Where the supposed weakness of America when our military can fight two wars in two theaters against Russia and China right now?


      5. Slo troll is nothing but a mental midget who drinks the MAGA Kool-Aid…..Here’s the pathetic part, he claims to not vote in elections which is a clear failure to support the republican party. The dude is a fucking idiot


      6. I’m the idiot?! You copied Game’s remark about Joe’s dementia without even realizing how stupid it makes you look.

        His post meant, “Anyone with half a brain knows he has dementia. Tell us something we don’t know.”

        You copied & pasted THAT even though you have been stupid enough to try and deny he has dementia. Thanks for proving yet again why you are the Village Idiot.

        Backtracking and more lies in 3, 2, 1…


      7. The quote:”I don’t mind political talk, but going to the same sorry trope of Biden & Dementia reeks of desperation for acceptance. It’s low-hanging fruit and it’s lazy”

        slo troll: His post meant,“Anyone with half a brain knows he has dementia. Tell us something we don’t know.”

        You senile troll…..he said your trope(a word or expression that’s overused) was an act of desperation for acceptance and it’s lazy and shows a weak effort on your part……so please explain how it could be interpreted as “Anyone with half a brain knows he has dementia. Tell us something we don’t know.”

        Dude, another example of your inability to comprehend!


    2. How some one cause U so much Evil HATRED ……U are so ff innn. Brainwashed by the Demoncratic Party…. It is time for your EXORCiSM….


      1. His senility has been obvious to anyone with any sense since 2019. His handlers made sure not to let him walk on his own, out on the lawn this Easter.

        “No, no, Joe!!! I’m only the Easter Bunny, but even I know you’re not allowed to answer questions unless you’ve already been given the answers. Go that way!! Go!!” LMAO

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      2. I love how Joe continues to get under your skin on a daily basis. Joe told me he enjoys laughing at your stupidity…


    3. Owns, I voted for him do to limited options but I hate him and just wish he’d go the fuck away.
      With that being said, I’ll vote for him again if he’s the nominee.

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      1. Memo to: onewayuse

        Hillary Clinton: First Lady 8 yrs.; US Senator from New York: January 3, 2001 to January 21, 2009; US Sec. of State: 2009 to 2013.

        Donnie Dump: Seven (7) times his business’ wind up in bankruptcy court stiffing countless creditors; Two bit TV personality with a yen (in his own words) to indiscriminately, sexually assault females and cheat on his wife with buxom bimbos; claimed the pandemic was a hoax!

        Now remind me One, who was better prepared to execute the duties of the Office of the POTUS.


      1. Like I have said 100 times, the blog dunce (aka so cal) lacks the intellectual capacity to debate himself out of a paper bag…..He’s the little midget who pokes the bear then runs and hides.


      2. What do you think of this claim by our great president that he knew nothing about the August 2022 FBI raid on his political rivals home?


      3. Exactly, “Gabby”. They all lie. Some, such as Dementia Joe, to a much greater degree.

        Do I believe Trump, Inquisitive? I imagine maybe one person expressed the sentiment he claims and he exaggerated. Contrary to what the Village Idiot claims, I don’t love the guy. But I sure as heck knew he’d be better than the absolute failure we have now.

        As OneWay stated, I hope the GOP has someone else next year, but will support Trump if he’s the nominee. Barack started dividing us and each President since has done more of that than his predecessor. Anyone & everyone knows Biden isn’t running things and I’m among those who believe it’s actually Obummer who’s calling the shots. So “Joe’s” efforts to divide us should surprise no one. It’s merely Barack continuing what he started.

        That’s my biggest concern about a second term for Trump. We need someone who will at least attempt to bring us together and I’m not sure he’s the one to do it. After what the Left has done, and IS DOING, to him I can’t say I blame him entirely.


  1. I can’t tell if Scott is being serious or coy about competition between players this spring. As for the PAC 12 media deal, the future could be bright. I hear KTLA and KCOP are in a bidding war with KCET for exclusive rights to the sports. It looks like a six figure deal is eminent, with the caveat that Ucla and USC be featured as much as possible this football season.

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  2. Is it possible Miller Moss is better than CW now?

    CW is an incredible scrambler and he extends plays until he finds a receiver open, but he wasnt good at always hitting receivers in tight windows and sometimes just didnt see receivers who were wide open.

    Moss is improving his ability to scramble and he has incredible decision-making. One of the writers observing the full practice noted that Moss was the only QB to be highly accurate in tight windows.

    Moss in ’24? Moss should play the full fourth quarter for the first six games of the year in ’23 to get him experience.

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      1. You seriously think Hillary would be a competent leader and support our President taking over the country and his neo-Nazi FBI’s infiltration of the Catholic Church.


      2. I am 100% serious in asking the question, even if I dont think it is true. I think people dont have a clue how good Moss is now.

        Caleb was a magic man primarily because of his Houdini acts with his legs. He is incredible at improvising, but he often had to extend plays for a very long time to find an open receiver. There were tons of times that he didnt see open receivers. When he lost mobility, he was a bit vulnerable. Moss might be better at consistently finding receivers in tight windows and putting the ball in the one place receivers can catch it. Moss will never be as exciting as CW, but maybe he would be as effective.

        Or maybe not, but I just think Moss is better than anyone knows and would love to see him get playing time with these incredible receivers.


      1. No we dominated until The One became our Messiah/World President in 2009 and Pete left ahead of the NCAA posse.


  3. Why stay in a poorly run conference when the best players demand the best exposure? They might as well join the Mountain West if flying was such an issue. It’s obvious that this conference is dying a slow death. Why should USC and UCLA stay in a dilapidated fixer-upper like the Pac 10?


    1. This World,
      In response to your earlier post. You’ll have to trust me on this… There is so much disinformation in all the media that basically you can’t rely on any of it.
      Information, disinformation and absence of information. The Pentagon is good at all three. My brother is retired NEC 5326. He shares what he can. We aren’t in the shitter just quite yet. If pres Biden or his advisors were completely off base then he wouldn’t be pres for long.

      That aircraft carrier that the CCP is trying to float with two Mercury 120hp motors in the So China Sea would be scrap for the USN.

      Believe nothing that you read and 50% of what you see with your own eyes.

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      1. Cal75: That aircraft carrier that the CCP is trying to float with two Mercury 120hp motors in the So China Sea would be scrap for the USN

        I hope your physical and mental health is doing well?


      2. So rapid dragon is just an ordinance dump? Upgrading the F-35 to be the most lethal fighter in the world is just for air shows? The B-21 reveal was another lunar landing stunt? China knows they can’t win. They’re going to have to use civilian boats to land troops to land onto Taiwan. All they have is a massive quantity of missiles to throw at us. Well, there are consequences for that behavior. A price they are unwilling to pay. Don’t get me started on Russia. Finland joining NATO was not what they wanted.

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  4. Thought you were taking a this regime vs the Helton regime where whoever complained the most got coddled. Especially if you were a 5 star recruit


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