USC Notes: Mario Williams Sticks To Football

There’s been some recent fanboy reports that wide receiver Mario Williams wanted to play baseball.

I put so much stock in them that I ignored Williams last month when I mentioned potential football-baseball players and generally poured water on the idea unless it is a big-time prospect like Duce Robinson.

Well, Williams admitted Tuesday he is not going to play baseball.

“I’m trying to get ready to look further in life,” he said. “I’m gonna stick with football.”

The fact is between worrying about making it in the NFL and football coaches discouraging players from playing baseball, it’s not easy to get someone to play both sports. I never believed Williams would play baseball. Defensive end Anthony Lucas has said he will play baseball next year. We’ll see.

Before someone mentions freshman Austin Overn, who is currently tearing it up for the baseball team, as proof that you can play both sports, he is a walk-on wide receiver. Big difference. And he is a baseball first guy.

  • USC defeated Cal State Fullerton, 4-3, at Dedeaux Field on Tuesday night for its fifth straight win. USC is ranked No. 21 by Baseball America and No. 24 by USA Today.

19 thoughts on “USC Notes: Mario Williams Sticks To Football

  1. So it took 120 words to let us know Mario is not going to play baseball. It just wouldn’t have the same impact without the Scott Wolf spin………


    1. Once again the rah-rah’s blame MW for the Tulane debacle, instead of the H/T, glory hog’s failure to march down, and a seal the win with a FG or TD.

      Also MG, lets give credit to the SUCC defense for its useless, marshmallow, defensive contributions. I know MG, SUCC lucked out in the UCLA victory.

      I hate it when you blame a single, stupid teenager (Aren’t they all.), as the sole reason for SUCC’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, hamulating fiasco.

      BTW MG, my bozo friend, LR is earning a bundle to coach/field half a decent FB team.

      #bozo FB, 2023…8 – 4.


      1. More truculence …. is it in the air?

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      2. UCLA had a 100% chance to win the national championship in basketball if they used 40% of the football team to replenish the 60% healthy basketball starters along with Chip Kelly to run the offense and Mick Cryin-oops, Cronin to coach the rest of the team cause facts matter!

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      3. Owns – if MW knew the rules of the game, this would be a non issue but his eyes got real big and envisioned a glorious kick off return instead of using his head and letting the ball go out of bounds. End of story. Hey, while we’re doing tit-for tat – since you like to call SC fans “Rah-rahs” – OK if I call you guys “The Tarps”? Because that’s the only thing in the stands when there’s a bruin home game. Maybe you guys could put on a trampoline exhibition at half time. #JustTryingToHelpOut


  2. with all these sports doing well and now baseball it seems we are back in the 50’s and 60’s when SC competed for ncaa titles in 7-8 sports yearly and usually won

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  3. Memo to: TW

    You need to stop spinning on your greasy thumb.

    With a 100% healthy BB team, the incompetent
    Andyain’twinning delivers another bozo, rotten egg, ONE&DONE tournament catastrophe. Some things don’t change do they TW?

    So out of the five (5) times Andyain’twinning has landed an invitation to the NCAA tournament, he and the team are ONE&DONE losers 60% of the time.

    #And that’s a FACT!

    #bozo BB: OOOOOOOOOOOO ferever and loving it.

    #Stink On.


  4. Scooter,

    There have been many SC football players that played baseball. So your comment about it being tough is incorrect. You have Anthony Davis who won three championships in baseball and two in football. You have Munoz, Del Rio, Cobb, Buford, and others from the 60’s and 70’s. It can be done again, if the coaches allow it. Jon Jon Vaughns who plays at ugly in right field and a lber, wanted to come to SC but Helton would not let him play baseball.


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