USC Football-Baseball Ties Could Be Strong

USC defensive end Anthony Lucas, a transfer from Texas A&M, said he intends to play baseball next season. We’ll see.

Lucas said he plays first base, third base and pitcher. If USC also lands tight end Duce Robinson, it could be a boon for the baseball program.

Of course, a lot of football players have said they will play baseball only to change their minds with some urging from the coaches. That isn’t case with Robinson, at least, who is a two-sport star.


44 thoughts on “USC Football-Baseball Ties Could Be Strong

  1. It’s not looking great for UCLA…
    Sorry My Friend Owns [I could come up with some VERY legitimate excuses —but you’re not into that as much as I am]….

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    1. Mick Cronin is a high floor but not a super high ceiling coach. His teams will always play hard and great defense but he is a marginal at best offensive coach. It’s post up or iso only. Nothing off ball to get a guy a shot. It’s an ugly watch.


      1. If you say so Helton, you being a SUCC-UP disciple of Andyain’twinning.

        I’ll take losing a heartbreaker in the Sweet 16, as opposed to an ugly, ONE&DONE stinker.

        But hey Helton, that’s just me.


  2. UCLA loses a another nail biter and that’s a stinking fact. No excuses here. Our defense went south.

    #Soooo “…not to gloat,” is clearly the answer.

    #Have at it TIREDBITER!

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    1. Defense went south? You didn’t score for 10 minutes. Cronin got stubborn watching the same ball screen play not work over and over again. Plus your backup posts are terrible. Seriously, not sure how those dudes are on a top 25 team. Pretty sure the skinny kid with dreads can’t dunk and he’s 7 feet tall. Yikes.

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      1. [to put this in perspective–my ex-wife is a bruin and my son is a bruin]….


      2. Damn Helton, when you’re not scoring but still have the lead, it doesn’t hurt to keep your opponent from scoring. But again, that’s just me spit balling.

        #UCLA didn’t lose by 19 points.


    2. I think the injuries and lack of bench depth showed up in the second half. Bruins started missing shots they would normally make and were dominated on the boards, both signs of fatigue. Will miss Campbell and Jacquez, great competitors and fun to watch.

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      1. Now, now, let’s not go that far. They are very good.

        Just not elite, the way they like to think they are.


    3. Actually I say give credit to where it is due. UCLA played like champions. When I heard that Bona was not going to play I thought “this game is going to be a blowout”. You can’t lose the Pac-12 freshman of the year(Bona) and maybe the best defender in the country(Clark…both of which are good defenders and good rebounders) and expect to beat the really good teams, especially at playoff time. UCLA was in it right to the end. They never gave up.
      Gonzaga must be married to Lady Luck. If you win one sweet 16 playoff game with a 40 foot shot, you should immediately get down prostrate on the floor and worship the ‘roll of the dice’ gods. But 2 years in a row?


  3. I waited because I hate it when my favorite team loses a tight game. Truth be told going to a Ucla game is easier than most because the fans are usually civil going on and coming out. Second place is Cal, after that most of the PAC 12 has some raunchy fans. So I can only say, Owns your team went further than my team, congratulations.

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  4. U Clowns Lost Again to Gonzaga?

    U Clowns Lost Again to Gonzaga. . .

    I remember, when Karma was with me in class as we worked on our thesis (that’s a research paper for you perpetual undergrads at Westwood High) and the title we chose for our work was “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” since we were studying how some people never achieve relevance when compared to others who are gravitational in their existence. Kinda like UCLA not being able to be important anymore in anything since Sugar Daddy Sam went onward. Maybe Martin “I tooks the money” Jarmond can find a replacement for your school? Is Lavar Ball available? Sean Coombs isn’t.
    SUCLA doesn’t it?


    1. Yes TW, UCLA did lose again to Gonzaga, just not by “19 points”…and that’s a fact.

      And speaking of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” bozo airheads like yourself TW, never achieve “gravitational” relevance chucking spitballs at the UCLA Battleship.

      Clown U balloons always wind up airless trash, lying at the bottom of a filthy, overflowing, Dewey dumpster.

      #With a 12 point lead, and 10 mins to go…ah choka, choka, choka, choka choke…there goes Little Petey’s natty.

      #Clown U relevance…LOL


      1. Owns, old boy, all I said was that UCLA confirmed the curse that you bestowed upon them with your mockery of the USC football squad after an injury to their most important leader. It seems that UCLA suffered the exact same fate. If the other Bruin fans would find out (well, UCLA is only the junior college of Cal-Berkeley) then you would get thrown overboard of the battleship. Actually, it’s more of a LCS. You know, a “little crappy ship” as the sailors say! I think the little bears did a great job of choking -err, competing and overcoming the smallish head coach pulling a Grinch with the deer-in-headlights look! I’m glad to see your in good spirits with the LOL! There’s always next year if I remember you letting Trojan fans know!!!


  5. Had to get up to check out the score, and it feels like it is my birthday with the Zags winning over sucla 2 miracles to 1
    Oh, it is March 24, it is my birthday!




    OR SHE HAD GREAT ……….. 😽😽😽


  7. SUCLA – CHOKES AGAIN. LOTS OF EXCUSES as always.. The Midget looked mad after the game to me he is not the right coach for UCLA, and time will prove that. Gonzaga is clearly the better team I think they had 50 rebounds, and killed UCLA on the glass. Jaime Jaquez, is a super player definitely the best player I have seen in a long time, but you can’t go to the final four with one super player, and the others on the Bruin team are average college players except for the freshman Amari Bailey who will probably jump to the NBA. Without Jaquez this team is average at best probably overachieved.

    The Midget needs to hit the road and recruit- Campbell is gone, Jaquez gone, Bailey will go to the NBA maybe more.

    It’s time to now turn to UCLA Football but no one cares because the program is mediocre.

    We all remember Wooden, and Sam Gilbert but those days are now long gone. Cronin will never win a national title at UCLA especially competing in the Big 10 in two years.

    On paper USC looks to be the better team next year with Collier, and perhaps Bronny coming. Let’s see if Cronin can recruit he has been living off of Alford’s recruits for the last 3 years.


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