Plenty Of Recruits At USC Spring Game

With the USC spring game tomorrow, there will be plenty of high-profile recruits at the game.

Five-star safety Jadyn Hudson of Pittsburg, Calif., will be at the game. He is a Class of 2025 prospect. Five-star running back Jordan Davison of Mater Dei (Class of 2025) will also be there.

Four-star running back Taylor Tatum of Longview, Texas, is attending. He is a 2024 prospect. Other 2024 prospects are four-star interior offensive lineman DeAndre Carter of Mater Dei; four-star tight end Walter Matthews of Hiram, Ga.; four-star interior offensive lineman Makai Saina of Martin, Texas; four-star safety Marquawn McCraney of Highline; Wash.,; four-star safety Marquis Gallegos of Chaminade High School and four-star safety Jason Mitchell of St. John Bosco.


43 thoughts on “Plenty Of Recruits At USC Spring Game

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      1. They were great!! Blondie came on afterwards. She’s not what we saw in the 80’s, but still rocking hard at 77!

        Gorillaz is a group my wife was familiar with, but I wasn’t. But they impressed the heck out of me. Bad Bunny closed the night, but we were knocked out by that time.

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  2. Prediction of next year’s football record?

    I feel like SC will lose more games next year. One year of film and now opponents defense is ready.

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    1. What about THIS year? Don’t we have time for a 2023 season before “next year”?
      #2023: 15-0…or 14-1
      2024: ??? [depends on who’s at QB]

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    2. Of course that only works when they come out with the same people and same exact game plans. It is like the Packers of old, here it is, stop it if you can.

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      1. It won’t turn out this way [cuz the coaches HAVE to let the D win a few battles for political reasons] …but…. personally I’d be happy if the Offense scored a TD EVERY series…..

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