USC Buzz: It’s Spring Scrimmage Saturday So Naturally Basketball Makes News

The USC spring scrimmage is at 12 p.m.

So the news this morning is that four-star guard Silas Demary Jr. has requested a release from his National Letter of Intent and will reopen his recruitment.

It’s a smart move. Boogie Ellis is back. Bronny James might come to USC. So there is a surplus of guards.

Now all the fanboys who hyped Demary will suddenly act unbothered by his departure. You know the drill.


17 thoughts on “USC Buzz: It’s Spring Scrimmage Saturday So Naturally Basketball Makes News

  1. hi john,aint bokks stoopid width awl thare wirds and stuf,missus ed sez i shud reed to improov mye selph but i thinck im prety gud know,betcha the fan bruthurs reed to cuz thay iz sho awfs,smdh

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  2. It doesn’t make me happy to say this….but…..if there is ONE run up the middle wherein we see 5 or 6 missed tackles…we know Grinch has been lying about the New Defense…..

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      1. If offense is scoring at will…expect to see lots of substituting & experimenting with O-Line …

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      2. Anybody who puts a hurt on Caleb will need to deal with the wrath of the fan bruthurs.

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    1. Isn’t jail/prison for people who actually commit crimes and not the subject of a political witch hunt? Or at least, shouldn’t it be that way?

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    2. Joe is so moral he says curbs on treatment for trans kids are ‘outrageous,’ ‘immoral’ and he teams up with that moral paragon Dylan. I can’t wait to vote for him again!

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      1. Google the article on Joe forcing women in Secret Service to watch him swim naked —- he’s white trash…


  3. I came over to this site to see what the antifan-boy had to say about it. If you get a good four star guard that worth crowing about. But if subsequent to that you get even better guards and that guy leaves because he doesn’t want complete with his betters, well that’s worth crowing about too. I’m surprised that you are unable to understand that as long as you’ve been in the business.


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