USC Spring Scrimmge Time

OK, it’s finally time to scrimmage.

This is a dreadful pass from Malachi Nelson. Think ahead to 2024. USC in Big Ten. A College Football Playoff contender?

Be careful reading too much into what the offense is doing when it’s against the reserve defense.

We’re officially in garbage time.

Caleb Williams, obviously with a very limited appearance today. That’s good news for the defense.

Malachi Nelson gets intercepted by fellow freshman Christian Pierce. It was a terrible pass.

Caleb Williams officially gets his Heisman Trophy down on the field.

Watch the end of this video as Coach Bohn jumps into Williams’ group photo at last second.

Quinten Joyner rips off 12-and-26 yards on consecutive carries. Run defense in midseason form.

Dorian Singer, USC’s best receiver, catches a 6-yard TD from Miller Moss. UPDATED: After review it’s ruled an interception by Jacobe Covington. But Lincoln “all offense” Riley still keeps the 7 points as a TD for the offense.

We had a 34-yard punt. Exciting.

Transfer tailback MarShawn Lloyd with a 34-yard catch as he avoids tacklers. Remember I said before his pass-catching skills are what will distinguish him.

Backup QB Miller Moss has a long vs. the second-team defense.

The crowd is not going to break any records today.

Ceyair Wright, the top cornerback in the spring per Lincoln Riley, gets a pass interference penalty defending Kyron Hudson.

The second-team offense goes three-and-out. Not much to say about them.

The USC defense looks terrible at the outset, giving up a TD in three plays, with Mario Williams scoring on a 10-yard pass from Caleb Williams.

That was safety Bryson Shaw defending Williams on the TD.

To no surprise, linebacker Mason Cobb and defensive end Anthony Lucas are starting today.


54 thoughts on “USC Spring Scrimmge Time

    1. When has Lincoln Riley ever had a good defense? 😂. That’s why his Oklahoma teams had high scoring games, last one with the ball wins. The Trojans defense will always have their tongues hanging out, because they spend most of the time on the field. 😂😂. Everyone wants to be another Mike Leach… why? That last I checked, he never came close to winning a National Championship. Try being another Nick Saban or Kirby Smart !!


      1. Google “Biden accused of forcing female members of Secret Service to watch him swim laps naked.”

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    1. Sure Eddie, since you’re a fuccing weirdo give it a shot, entertain me. Btw buddy do you still suck yourself off, or does missus Ed.G have the pleasure ?


  1. There isn’t much change between last year’s D and this year’s D —[it was funny listening to Yogi talking about how Grinch made the D watch film of the Tulane loss and this turned “everything around” at the same time as the D was missing tackles and getting called for interference]…


    1. Singer and Branch are really looking average…or worse. Hope Rice gets consistent. We need a replacement for Addison.
      The defense isn’t going to win any games for us —hopefully, they just don’t lose any.


      1. I’m at the game Michael, and the Trojans defense sucks. Lincoln Riley couldn’t recruit a 5 star linemen if his life depended on it. He’s a typical Mike Leach wannabe… lol Score Score Score and F’ the defense 😂😂 I wish Riley had some Kirby Smart, and Nick Saban tendencies, I really do 🙄🙄

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      2. That Spring game was horrible. I was distracted talking to a friend, so didnt really have the chance to figure out exactly which players looked good and bad, but that was just horrible.

        Why even hold a Spring game if you arent going to have the players take it seriously?


      1. Pity – these are the guys with the input that Riles needs.Hey whatta ya think McGinest can do with his “One phone call”?

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      2. No matter what he says post-scrimmage, Lincoln simply cannot be pleased with his receivers or o-line —yeah, they’re mixing and matching at the line —- but, still, fuuckk…. this is disappointing….

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  2. I’m so glad that spring ball and this convoluted game is done with. Grinch know he needs his defense to make standout plays. I wouldn’t run anything but a vanilla defense. If the defense won in a blowout it would be called a “fix” and no one would accept that. I keep hearing calls for Miller Moss(!) and this need to assuage our fears about the defense.

    Bear Alexander might be a good player to get into the squad though!

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  3. Apparently from the Posters’ reports of the 2023 SC Spring Scrimmage game
    nothing much has changed from 2022– it is the “Celeb’ and Underlings show

    I skipped the game and instead skipped out for the Lancaster orange-blast
    poppie fields, for viewing not tasting. and saw that Palmdale’s Lakes Elizabeth and Hughes had miraculously been restored by nature after going bone-dry several drought years ago. And of all things, along Fwy-5 north of Santa Clarita are several adjacent hills carpeted with purple-pink lupine. Next up in May is the deep-purple jacaranda

    Anyway, back to the Spring game didn’t anybody on the defense look at least ok?

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  4. Branch lived up to the hype. He should play a lot. Two guys that impressed me the most on offense were the two freshman running backs. Neither go down on first contact like Jones does. On defense the two I liked were Curtis and Davis. Both are going to be very good this year at linebacker.

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  5. April. A true freshman threw an interception in April. Big plays occurred against the defense in April. Does anyone remember the highlights from last season’s spring game from April? I don’t get the analysis or “worrying about the Big Ten in 2024” when it’s April 2023? Why can’t we just concentrate on the appropriate things? Such as . . .

    Did Moss win the backup job with his performance in April?

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    1. Because World, what the hell else is there to do this time of year. Get all pumped for a one day football season, then kick back till August. To me it’s all appropriate, to you maybe not.

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    1. Whoa…!!

      I thought rosen was the best ever, no?

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      1. Damn Pissley, haven’t we all been a wrong about our talents.

        Who could forget the rah-rah’s on this blog screaming “SUCC will shock the world” and beat Alabama in Jerry’s house.

        Result: Alabama 52 – Clown U 6 and nary a TD.

        Of course the bozos couldn’t possibly lose to Stanford, a ’41 pt. dog, at the crumbling mausoleum…but the bozos did!

        The Piglet has picked up a new moniker – Suitcase.

        #Back to your gopher hole Pissley.


      2. Same low brow wannabe ruin. Do they even have any ruin sites anymore where you can cheer on the babyblungold?

        When’s the last time ruins beat the Trojans that we actually had a coach? Been a while, no wonder you have to point to other teams beating us.

        Hahhahaha 💋


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  6. Memo to: Hal9000

    Two hundred to park to see a cheesy, meaningless bozo FB practice game; only in your fireball/peyote dreams.

    Hell the rah-rah’s have mostly panned the practice game @ the crumbling mausoleum. CW, the Destroyer, SUCC’s Glory Hog could barely lift his H/T. I’m pretty sure I heard a smattering bozo boos!…OUCH.

    #Clown U 2023 FB: 8 – 4.


    1. Remember Owns – as on a prior thread, because you call SC fans “rah rahs” -I’m tagging you with the moniker “Tarps” because that’s all you’ll see at a bruin home game.You can MC those trampoline exhibitions at halftime. See you at the plush 113 million dollar restoration that we proudly call The Coliseum. BTW, did they validate so you could get some autographs from the Trojans? Love you, man.


      1. 9000, isn’t the “plush” $113 million renovation of the crumbling mausoleum just a tad oxy-moron. Did it make you feel better when SUCC lost to Stanford a 41 pt. dog at the C. M? Just asking for a friend.


      2. Since we’re going down memory lane, let’s pull over to the side of the road and harken back to 1988 when “Up The Wazzu” State came into the Rose Bowl and clipped the wings of then #1 UCLA. How sweet was that! Aikman down in flames. Cue: The Fortunes – “You’ve Got Your Troubles, I’ve Got Mine”

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  7. March 2023 Headlines:
    “Biden surprises staff by suddenly declaring intent to visit Ireland”
    “Irish Neurosurgeons Performing Miracles Thanks To New Electrodes”

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    1. He’d have been 25th’d already had it not been for his little insurance policy. If he actually runs next year, the debates will be funnier than anything currently on TV. That is if he actually agrees to do any and doesn’t hide the way he did in 2020.

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      1. Democrats don’t run for office doing debates. They spend all their money on commercials attempting to destroy the GOP and lying about what they say they have accomplished.

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      2. Pudly— as a 93 year old neighbor said to me, “I think MSNBC is funny”…


      1. Joe would fit SO perfectly into hour #5 of any Sicilian wedding reception…


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