You Can Believe Your Eyes Or USC

There is no way 25,213 attended the USC spring game today but that’s the figure the athletic dept. chose to go with.

It’s just an egregious attendance figure. But remember, last year USC claimed more than 33,000 showed up because it wanted to set a record for Lincoln Riley’s first game.

Look at the picture below. Fans weren’t even allowed to sit in more than half of the seats. The area fans sit in was not sold out. And yet, USC claims the Coliseum was at 33 percent capacity. Sure.


25 thoughts on “You Can Believe Your Eyes Or USC

    1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s Ladies of Troy look really slow. What a snoozer of a scrimmage that mess was.

      Was that Mikayla Nelson wearing the #8 jersey? Yep, she throws like a girl, threw it into the ground a few times. You can tell she was worried about getting hit even though there was no hitting or tackling of the QB. Her pocket presence instinct is first and foremost about taking a hit, that’s not good, she ain’t going to make it, she ain’t cut out for bjg boy football.

      The only player that looked good and ready to go was MarShawn Lloyd.

      Yeah, ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s Ladies of Troy are going to lose at least 4 games this coming season.


      1. You’re so naughty. Now I understand why you are called, “the village bicycle.” Everyone has had a ride, haven’t they?


      2. Stop beating off to Dylan Mulvaney! I know we both adore her but it’s disrespectful to me!!!


      3. Yes. Of course we can play dress up tonight. And yes you can be “Dylan” again!!! But honey, you look best in the negligée you bought that shows off your man boobs and hairy ass.


      4. No honey! You’re not spotting. It’s physically impossible even if you identify as a woman. Even your idol, Dylan, doesn’t spot.


      5. Our NAMBLA membership is up for renewal. Should we upgrade to a lifetime membership? More for you than me. But I want your needs to be met.


  1. hi john, i got threee qwestions folluwing up yur impurtant blog post:
    (1) will the usc attenduce controvusry ryse to the levil of the fake mooon landing?
    (2) will buzzie aldryn be inturviwed about the usc attenduce mysrepresentashun?
    (3) now that ther is nuthing to talk about fir munths on yur blog, wil you post the notur daim report card to fill up sum space?

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    1. I am willing to bet Scott whispers Steve Martin’s famous line from The Jerk every time he sees Ed’s [or the Missus’] name…..

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  2. this is what happens when you have Folt in charge of the university. they destroyed the fanbase year after year, by keeping helton. destroy the alumni clubs – smart idea folt!

    bohn needs to find someone who understands how to promote and build a core fanbase from the usc alumni. but when you declare war on the very type of alumni that would support USC football and then ask for their passion — this is what you get.

    usc admin has been as tone deaf as that Bud Light marketing team.

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  3. 3 defensive guys are leaving Oregon. Nice. I hate that school.

    1 million outfits and zero titles. yes, I said outfits cause only champs wear uniforms.

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    1. It’ll be Utah and USC in Pac 12 championship again —-and as long as Caleb doesn’t strain himself sprinting down the sidelines for a 70 yard touchdown we’re good to go….

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      1. Good luck on your prognostication MG. I think UCLA will have a good shot at the Pac-12 Championship game.


    1. You are a idiot, FJB LGB FBO FBLM and FU. How’s your butt light taste, I herd you had a circle jerk party and you were the big winner. Luzr


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