USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Vs. Deion Sanders Needs To Happen More

A Pac-12 coach told me one of the spring impressions of Colorado is the Buffaloes look physically small.

That’s not something you’ll read in the media.

But it could explain why Colorado is making a run at former Houston offensive tackle Cam’Ron Johnson, who is going to visit USC. Johnson visited Missouri last weekend. Johnson started all 13 games at left tackle while earning first-team, All-AAC honors for Houston.

The fact USC is going after Johnson tells you the Trojans still need help on the offensive line despite what you may read about how great Gino Quinones, Mason Murphy were in spring practices and how much impact incoming transfer Ethan White (Florida) will have once he arrives.

This is one concern about the offensive line: Everyone says they are better based on having experienced players. But just how good are these players? We won’t know for sure untl the fall. It’s interesting that USC lost All-American Andrew Vorhees and people just automatically say the line is better.

  • Former USC wide receiver Gary Bryant will make his college decision May 13. Oregon and Texas A&M are the favorites.

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Vs. Deion Sanders Needs To Happen More

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    1. LJ auld stick, no div. 1 FB team embraces game debacles and humiliation like Clown U, and then whine the bozos got screwed by the refs.


  1. i didnt see a great o-line in the spring game. they were not going at 100%

    there is a reason no players have been injured during spring camp. they dont really hit


  2. On one hand they whiffed on Ok State’s Caleb Etienne, a 6-foot-8, 310 starter that just wound up at BYU. Gundy was trashing him in the media but it sounded like sour grapes. We’ll see what comes of their recruiting in this window– they have a bunch of recruits coming in this weekend, we’ll see what materializes with that, and what happens around the PAC in this transfer window. The #1 rated transfer portal guy, OL Emmanuel Pregnon that was at Wyoming has CU listed among his choices. Hmph. I very much hope he looks at USC.

    As for CU their big recruiting haul was skill players and DL. But I’m not seeing a small OL or DL or TEs at Colorado. Outside of their new guys I just don’t think they’re good athletes mostly (or at least Dorell had them lazy and out of shape). I think we’ve got a more athletic OL, but they’re a big team. It looks like Scott just threw something out there (and shouldn’t we be more concerned about Lanning?) But let’s copy and paste and do the work for Scott, since he didn’t bother.

    For comparison, Georgia Bulldog’s OL Average 6’4″ 292.1 lbs

    Colorado Buffalo’s OL

    6’4″ 310 lbs
    Jack Wilty

    OL 6’6″ 310 lbs
    Jake Wiley

    OL 6’7″ 285 lbs
    Jack Seavall

    OL 6’6″ 290 lbs
    Ben Reznik

    OL 6’5″ 290 lbs
    John Ramirez

    OL 6’5″ 310 lbs
    Yousef Mugharbil

    OL 6’5″ 300 lbs
    Carter Edwards

    OL 6’6″ 290 lbs
    Luke Eckhardt

    OL 6’10” 315 lbs
    Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan

    OL 6’3″ 320 lbs
    Tyler Brown

    OL 6’4″ 295 lbs
    Jackson Anderson

    OL 6’6″, 330 lbs
    Isaiah Jatta

    OL 6’3″ 295 lbs
    Landon Beebe

    OL 6’4 295 lbs
    Jack Bailey

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  4. We hear a lot about the offense but nothing about the defense as the better half is always highlighted. I have zero concerns for the offense. It is the defense I am concerned for…..

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  5. I saw a compilation of the best quarterbacks in the PAc 12 this morning it reveals some interesting things. Our nearest neighbor was placed at number nine. But this is an estimate because our brains neighbors are not having a spring game and haven’t named a starting quarterback. Stanford has the worst quarterback and USC has the best (just a fact).
    Anyway a coach I talked to said who is Colorado? I will name the coach lest you believe I am jesting, Ian Maihed.


  6. I keep hearing mixed signals about Ethan White. Wolfie seems to indicate that he is coming. I read another source that I’ve found to be realiable in the past which says that White is not coming….That he has decided to give up football altogether because of physical problems.


  7. I’ve heard about white not coming from several sources as well. It’s good that Riley is on it and trying to get other linemen in the portal and not waiting on what decides to do.


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