USC Embraces “Coliseum Forever”

This is the Coliseum’s 100th anniversary logos that will be on the field for USC games this season. You might need awhile to find them because they are in the back of the end zones.

Remember, USC tried to change the name to United Airlines Coliseum but now it’s Coliseum Forever!

Oh, and USC was forced to keep the name as Coliseum. It didn’t want to. Bygones . . .


37 thoughts on “USC Embraces “Coliseum Forever”

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      1. The coliseum’s renovation included reducing the capacity from about 92,000 down to approximately 77,000, ‘largely’ due to the widening of each seat to accommodate the enlargement of the typical U.S. citizen, now shamefully the fattest country in world history

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  2. My first memories of the coliseum were as a 6-year old trying to negotiate those high concrete steps and caring more for what I could eat than the Trojan football game.

    It is more than a marvelous football stadium, one of the nation’s best despite what jealous suclas might contend, it is a World War I Memorial in honor of the war that was supposed to end all wars, and which has expanded to include all war veterans.


    1. Truth, in the Bible it says test all things, hold fast to that which true. So I tested your hypothesis and found you might have a point. My own experience in the Rose Bowl has been bench seats as opposed to individual seats but that may have changed. The Rose Bowl converted their lighting to accommodate color television cameras before the coliseum did. Their press box was more impressive at one time. As far as fan space I understand there is room to lie down amongst the unsold seats and people tickets at the gate, both of them, got upgraded to make the appearance of a filled stadium for TV. (Although being on the PAC 12 channel means fewer crowd shots due to blathering commentary)

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  3. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is a memorial to the American servicemen who died in World War I.

    Did anyone think to acknowledge that fact when designing this ‘minimalist’ tribute to the Coliseum’s 100th anniversary?

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