USC Notes: An Admission From Lincoln Riley

A better-late-than-never admission from Lincoln Riley after USC’s scrimmage Saturday.

“I mean, the difference in the front seven is noticeable. I think we all knew, like deep down, that we had some holes there last year,” Riley said. “I mean, it is what it is right? Even when we’re winning games and playing well, defensively, you know at some point this has got to be addressed.”

Deep down? I’ve heard it was a pretty open admission in coaches’ meetings while watching film that there were huge problems.

But we can’t say for sure the difference is notable based on that scrimmage.

  • Tonight’s Celtics-Hawks game on NBC Sports Boston will have Brian Scalabrine and Eddie House as the broadcasting team. That means a former USC basketball star pairing with the former son-in-law of Henry Bibby. Small world.

17 thoughts on “USC Notes: An Admission From Lincoln Riley

    1. The biggest problem with the defense is that the Ladies of Troy have a shit defensive coaching staff.

      Alex Grinch, Shaun Nua and the other idiot Donte Williams are clueless. The defense doesn’t operate on a game plan, even when Grinch’s defense was getting torched by quality TE’s last year, he had no answer. Not one of those idiots knows anything about making adjustments.

      When asked last season why certain players who should have been playing, why they weren’t seeing any playing time Grinch said, “I don’t like the way he practiced”. Yeah, those guys most likely got tired of running the same stupid drills day after day after day, not learning any technique or situational awareness, just crap drills like they run in PeeWee football



  1. “..we knew…deep down…we had some holes there last year,” says Wiley of the ‘D’
    Actually, coach, most Trojans did not have to peer “deep down” to realize that.

    And Ed, I believe the best we can hope for is that after the 2023 ND game ‘john’ might make a reference back to the 2022 game, but other than that it is a lost cause.

    And good for Scalabrine, a member of the last great Trojan basketball team that was Elite-8 and but for Duke might have won SC’s only BB championship

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    1. Scalabrine, the White Mamba, on his NBA 2008 Championship ring: “In 20 years, I’ll tell my kids I started. In 30 years I’ll tell ‘em I won MVP.”



      1. slo troll goes to the doctor. The doctor says “The test results are back, and I’m sad to say you have cancer and Alzheimer’s.”. slo troll says “Phew! At least it’s not cancer!


  2. It’s scheme and size. There are exploitable issues if the defense becomes too predictable and manageable. More active hands to shed blocks would help. I’d like to see more drive blocking from the offense. I hope the coaches understand more sophistication is needed when playing more accomplished opponents.

    They have no excuses not to go undefeated.


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        Seeking attention on Wolf’s blog that he doesn’t get in the real world. None of us on this blog are surprised anymore.

        But he’ll once again make excuses, lie and point his finger. It’s what he does. The one I love most is that it’s his amusement…a very clear statement about the emptiness in his life and he doesn’t even realize that’s what he’s saying when he makes that claim. It’s so sad.


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