USC Notes: Malcolm Epps To Pitt

Former USC tight end Malcolm Epps has apparently transferred to Pitt, which he visited last weekend.

Epps is using his sixth year of college eligibility.

  • Two former Pac-12 Networks executives filed a lawsuit against the conference, alleging unlawful termination, defamation and breach of contract, per the San Jose Mercury News. Former Pac-12 Networks President Mark Shuken and CFO Brent Willman filed the suit at San Francisco Superior Court this week. 

Now the headline: The duo claim Larry Scott knew all about Comcast’s $50 million overpayments to the Pac-12 and told them “not to say or do anything.”


16 thoughts on “USC Notes: Malcolm Epps To Pitt

  1. “The duo claim Larry Scott knew all about Comcast’s $50 million overpayments to the Pac-12 and told them “not to say or do anything.”

    Your the President and Chief Financial Officer. You have an ethical obligation to fix a 50 million dollar overpayment. Ignoring it is not an option. These guys are suing for wrongful/termination and/or breach of contract. They should feel lucky they are not in jail.

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  2. hi john,i jussed notissed sum of the poeples aint bein nise to eech uthur,i thinck u gotta stop them,its like wen i holed the yung poeples heds undur watur and missus ed gotta remine be stop doin that,sew u shud maik them stop to be for evry get watur in thare noes,thanx alot

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    1. Mark Shuken: “They can’t let me go! I’ll file a lawsuit that alleges I breached my fiduciary duties! That’ll embarrass them into a lucrative settlement!!”


      1. Don’t get melodramatic. Being reduced to the Pac 3 and having your Commissioner operate out of federal prison is not the same as “not existing”….


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