Four-Star Running Back Commits To USC

Bryan Jackson, a four-star running back from McKinney, Texas, has committed to USC.

Jackson, a Class of 2024 prospect, chose USC over Texas, Oklahoma. Tennessee and Baylor.

Last season, Jackson (6-1, 210) gained 1,647 yards in 265 carries with 23 touchdowns.

14 thoughts on “Four-Star Running Back Commits To USC

  1. I remember reading that the Trojans’ running back room was getting crowded. This commit may be to push somebody out. Didn’t think they had a scoli to burn with other pressing needs.

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  2. Watch this guys film. I think that he is better than the 2 guys which we just watched in the spring game. He’s fast, he can cut and he doesn’t go down easily. He’s a load. The Wolfman has him listed at 210. I guarantee he is bigger than that. 247 Sports has him listed at 240. Last year he ran for over 1600 yards at 6.2 a shot. Here’s some film of him when he was only a soph.

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    1. He’s hard to bring down…but he didn’t look that fast….so I looked up his 40 time…. he’s a 4.6….. not slow but not especially fast….

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      1. I like a big back like that who can make those kinds of cuts. How do you look up a guys 40 time? Can you do that with anyone?

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      2. I go to Yahoo Sports or 24/7 or ESPN…..anyone who’s got a 40 time will have it reported..
        …[and, yeah, he IS hard to bring down]…

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      3. He looks pretty fast on film but even if he can only run a 4.6, it’s his acceleration that stands out. He explodes through that hole

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  3. His commit is good.

    But, is USC going to just ignore recruits in the Southern California region now? Most commits I’ve been hearing lately all seem to come from Texas.


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    1. If they are really good(like these 2 RB’s who just starred in our spring game). I could not care less where he comes from.


  4. This kid is something special! He’s got great explosiveness in the open field and he is solidly built. I watched all three highlight videos from parcelman007‘s link to 24/7 sports. He’s going to be a great every down back. We’ve got to get this guy the ball – zero linebackers can run with him and if they want to shadow him with the strong safety that is going to clear out the defense for the other receivers

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