Bear Alexander To Announce College Choice Sunday

Georgia defensive tackle Bear Alexander said he will announce his new college choice on Sunday night.

It will be a huge surprise if Alexander selects any school besides USC. And the reaction will be that USC will now be ready to win a national title.

Who loses if Alexander comes to USC? Kyon Barrs? Stanley Ta’ufo’ou? Jack Sullivan?

Has one analyst mentioned Alexander had nine tackles in 12 games last season?


44 thoughts on “Bear Alexander To Announce College Choice Sunday

    1. As long as ‘Ol Mule Shoe has his boyfriend Alex Grinch as defensive coordinator he doesn’t give two shits about defense


      1. john, i was checkin out the brokenback mountin chambur of commurc weber site, and thay dont seam to hav eny majur employurs othur than the fayk nasa film studios and the astroterf mfg of 80 yrd practise fields. Seams lyke the mfg of obama and teboe t shurts closd down meny years ago so meybe you shood tel a surten postur thay shood updayt to the tymes of tooday if thay dont want to be laffd at lyke he alwayz is laffed at.

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      1. Me jest? Why I never… come on, all those guys Scott mentioned being put out are totally top tier material. I mean whozit, almost got his hands on the ball during the spring game and whatzit told thingamabob that Grinch like him best. The fact that I can’t remember the names long enough to look them up might be my problem, I see a lot of hype being generated over this announcement, but if I like this kid I’ll be labeled a fanboy the first time he misses a tackle. Just play along.

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      2. General Patton: “I don’t give a hoot in hell for a man who laughs.”

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      1. Sorry, I’m the dumbest poster here. I know nothing about any subject, especially football and politics.


  1. If he chooses tomorrow then I’d be shocked! That means the program has done a real good job of bringing all of the right resources together to get NFL talent. And part of the reason Alexander had only nine tackles was the limited plays the coaches allowed him to take for his benefit. Jalen Carter was first choice for the coaches. Other players were ahead due to understanding the playbook better than Alexander. Grinch plays a simpler system and Alexander needs to be careful. If USC is too limited then he’ll regret playing for Grinch. He didn’t come into spring camp in the best of shape and the Georgia coaches put him behind others for a reason. He chose to quit on his team.

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    1. Seems SUCC is pursuing another bust/loser. If Bear was that good, why would he leave Georgia, the 2022 FB N. Champs, for a mediocre bozo FB team…not a logical portal move.

      # Nine tackles in 12 games…WTF.


      1. So you want to get embarrassed? Is he better than any lineman on UCLA? Then that’s good enough to beat Chip Kelly.

        Does UCLA have an offensive lineman with more achievements than Alexander? Then he’s ready to defeat UCLA.

        Will he make USC Defense better? Then you better pray that doesn’t come true against you.



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    1. Same ol, same ol. The child is now showing how jealous he is of me. Also showing what a hypocrite he is. Others post as him and he calls them cowards. But of course the rules don’t apply to him. You know, typical Dim.

      Good to see you feeling & seeing well enough to post.


  3. The other transfer guy that they got from Alabama was a total bust. But I have a feeling this guy will work out. But I could be wrong.


      1. At 2:30am you were still up vicing your obsession for Gabby. Glad to see someone else also has mental issues.


      2. Gabby
        You’re a popular guy. Everyone is trying to impersonate you. We have Gabby imposters running around all over the place.


      3. Yes, Parcel. Gabby….the person who called Gabby impersonators cowards is doing the exact same thing. I don’t care. Just shows how badly he’s always wished he were me.


      4. I truly doubt Gabby wants to have the football IQ of a slug. And a shar pei for a wife. It’s hilarious that you think this is Gabby. Are you truly that naive


  4. The guy is a quality body to put in there to shore up a terrible defensive front. I doubt he will go AA or even all conference, but if he can plug a hole, God bless him.


  5. I hope Oregon doesn’t come in at the last minute with an offer like they’ve down with the other players we wanted. As for his low # of tackles, so what? He doesn’t need to make many to make an impact. He’s a 330lb space eater. If he can occupy 2 or 3 O-linemen, so that the Linebackers can come in and make a tackle, then he’s done his job. And if Bear does come, Stanley Ta’ufo’ou is heading to the bench.


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