Bear Alexander To USC

To no one’s surprise, defensive tackle Bear Alexander committed to USC today.

So this beefs up the Trojans’ front line. How much impact will he make? He obviously is going to start at USC. But he wasn’t going to start at Georgia.

That doesn’t make much difference in Pac-12 world, though. So he should make a difference. With Kyon Barrs and Jack Sullivan, the transfers should transform the defensive line.


77 thoughts on “Bear Alexander To USC

  1. Greetings fandom , well pullman is in two indian reservation territories !!! ???? lets see here let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards , E.


  2. It’s over. Georgia didn’t take care of this guy because they thought he was selfish. Now Smart is talking about they may have to blitz more often next season. Wolf, your mad that Riley recruited the best defensive player in the portal. I guess he does care about defense. This idea of trying to marginalize this recruitment is laughable. No excuses. I mean, there is no freaking excuse.

    He wants to play more one gap “dominate my guy” and with Barrs, Sullivan and Lucas to spell them along with the last year guys backing them up, staying healthy is the key. This is a serious defensive line with two potential first round guys on the line. I watched Notre Dame in their spring game. I want to see who’s dumb enough to try double team/combo blocks on this group. This is a Pete Carroll level defensive talent with not just big players but fast athletes who, yes, the backups are on the small side but not without usage rates more applicable than relying on smaller linemen on first and second downs. This group should be able to line up against any offensive line next year.

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    1. Good post World. I am looking forward to see the chemistry evolve between these new defensive linemen. I just hope Grinch doesn’t screw them up with over scheming.

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    2. Riley making improvements on both sides of the line. Can we get that o-lineman from Houston also?

      USC is on a path to the CFP, either this year or next. Next year the team will have even better overall talent, but maybe not as good a QB. Although if Nelson is not good enough to start, then Riley will be able to bring in a transfer and have a competition for the starting role.

      No doubt USC will be a high scoring team. If the defense is only a little better USC is the best team in the conference. If the defense is much better, then 12-0 is pretty much the starting point.

      I think Oregon State might be meeting us in the conference title game.

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      1. 12-0 is a pretty good “starting point” — but I hope we have fewer losses than that…..

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  3. Excellent news – the Bear was wanted by OK, TX, oregon, Penn State, Miami, many others. D personnel should be much better this season. Grinch, time to stand and deliver.

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  4. The 2023 defense should be in the top 10 nationally(top 15 at the worst). This teams defense is loaded with talent. No more excuses!!! If they finish 30th it’s time to wish Mr. Grinch well and sing him a lullaby…

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    1. Like your enthusiasm parcelman, but no way top 15 nationally. I’ll be throwing a party if we are inside top 50.


      1. They are going to have defensive players sitting on the bench this year who could be stars at other teams. If we finish 51st on defense with these players and LR doesn’t move on from AG then everything some people have said about LR(namely, that he thinks that he can win an NC without defense) is true.

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  5. “He would not start at Georgia.”

    Shows how far the USC defense is compared to a title contending team. Riley thinks he can just out score everyone.


    1. USC will destroy Georgia in the title game with continuous ESPN pan shots of Georgia fans weeping in the stands….


  6. SUCLA- BASEBALL CHOKES AGAIN. How many national championships has UCLA won in baseball???? Just like football a bunch of losers….ALWAYS WILL LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF THE CARDINAL AND GOLD, and now in BASKETBALL ALL THE MIDGETS PLAYERS ARE LEAVING TOWN.

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      1. Coach Andy will re-build the USC baseball program very quickly especially with the move in two years to the Big 10. What’s amazing is USC is still at the very top in terms of national championships won in baseball after taking 20 years off with a bunch of clowns as head baseball coaches. Whoever, said UCLA has a better baseball program will be eating their words very soon just like most Bruin fans do in football who think a good football program consists of giving away free tickets for charity to fill an empty Rose Bowl


    1. Off course tommyd, no bozo players are leaving Andyain’twinning’s moribund BB program for the NBA. They’re leaving via the portal for greener pastures and better coaching.

      #Andyain’twinning say; Bronny James is the boss of me.

      #bozo men’s BB: OOOOOOO ferever and proud of it.


      1. Owns– amazing how quickly you turned from baseball to basketball. Yes, UCLA does have a good basketball program but not the case in baseball, and football as history speaks the truth. . By the way last time I checked to my surprise USC has as many players currently playing in the NBA now as does UCLA, but we still have alot of work to do. Looks to me like the “Midget Cronin” will have to put on a Bruin uniform next year as most of Steve Alford’s recruits have now finally graduated and left town or is this more of a sign Cronin is an a-hole which is what I am hearing.


  7. That’s news that Wolf usually highlights but his weird negativity over Alexander has warped his sensibility. Let’s see if “Bear” makes it to the San Jose St game and throughout the season. His anger at being kept as a pass rush Specialist is odd. He wanted to be an every down player but coaches claimed he could only pass rush. Seeing Georgia in the Spring game made it really odd for them to push Alexander out but then again Muschamp and Kirby aren’t d-line coaches.

    Now will Grinch run more schemes or stick with basic slants and stunts? More zone blitzes?

    I predict Domani Jackson will become one of if not the defense best defender.

    No excuses.

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  8. Since Scott Wolf is too lazy to find out why he didn’t start, let me fill in the blanks. Alexander was hurt in the Spring and put 4th on the depth chart. He worked his way up to 2nd string but was never allowed to start. But if you see his snap counts, he ranked just as high as Jalen Carter. More importantly, this spring, Alexander was put on 3rd string with a freshman out ahead of him. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the mind games and decided to leave. Georgia got political and started a smear campaign to keep him from going to another SEC school. Rumors about him being selfish started to come out from Georgia. The biggest question will be is his health and stamina. Does he work out and out work other players? Does he want to stay in shape or will he act like Addison and try to get by on talent alone?

    This should be fun.


      1. Corey Foreman is a great guy but he doesn’t play for USC.

        It’s easier to coach when your players make your calls work. Kinda like having Aaron Darnold but really being a bum coach like Brandon Staley.


      1. No, he joined USC not UCLA. I’m curious, Owns, what would you do if he chose UCLA? I can only dream which is what your going to do tonight before the nightmare happens later this year.


      2. Now, now, good sir. Your jealousy is showing. What would you say of he chose UCLA? Well I can only imagine which is what you’ll do tonight over Bear choosing to be a bruin until you wake up in a cold sweat. The real nightmare will occur later this year.


  9. The only real Bear UCLA has ever had on the defensive line was a guy named Billy Don Jackson, and he murdered someone, and sadly is in jail for the rest of his life. Billy, was a player but as I remember he still got into UCLA with limited ability to reach and write. Sad…Sad story yet Sam Gilbert, and Pepper Rodgers thought he was the prize recruit of all time for UCLA football. NOW USC has a bear—-and we have had many on the defensive line over the years- Rich Dimler, Al Cowlings, Williard Scott, Gary Jeter, Monte Doris, Leonard Williams, Derek Russell. Too early to tell- I still have my doubts though we will ever see the “Wild Bunch Again”.


    1. BTW tommyd, is OJ still investigating the death of Ron and Nicole?

      Yes bozo baseball took 2 of 3 from the Bruins. But that doesn’t mitigate Andyain’twinning’s ONE & DONE BB program.


      1. Owns, no, but OJ does deposit $$ into Daryl Henley’s prison commissary account, so lighten up!


  10. Well Kirby just tossed his third straight ring into the transfer bin. I hope Jordan Hall becomes the player they think he is because these guys bodies need maturity or they end up acting out like Jalen Carter did due to stress.


  11. Memo #2 to: TW:

    The Bear couldn’t meet UCLA’s minimum scholastic requirements, so Bear to UCLA is moot. All he had to do to join Clown U was fog a mirror.

    However, had he joined UCLA I’d still question his motivation to leave a NC FB program for a B- (But improving) FB program.

    I mean 9 tackles in 12 games…WTF. I bet Bear doesn’t miss meal though.

    When he shows up for bozo fall FB camp he’ll probably weigh 350 – 360…a fat D/L D. Mama.

    #Scarf on


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