The Bear Speaks

On3 sports is promoting this quote from its interview with Bear Alexander on whether NIL deals influenced his coming to USC.

“I’m not gonna say my family necessarily came from money, but we drove a Porsche before (and) I drive a Porsche now. So it’s not really a big role necessarily.”

The key word is “necessarily.”

“The University, through its Student Affairs department, announced the plans to the paper’s senior staff late Fall 2022. The move, which was presented not as a proposal but as an order, came as a shock to us, and we presented counter-plans over the course of a month to try and regain some of the space we’d be losing.”

Carol Folt should be blamed for this horrendous decision but Student Affairs also has some of the worst administrators on campus.

USC wants a “creation of a shared cultural space in the rooms currently occupied by the Daily Trojan’s production.”

So they do it by kicking the student newspaper out? A shared cultural space could be placed anywhere.


28 thoughts on “The Bear Speaks

    1. Of course it’s the money, because Lincoln Riley is a Mike Leach clone, they don’t have the ability to recruit 4&5 star linemen out of high school.


      1. Oh, Kirk, check the 2023 class. And it is going to just get better and better. Have to say, your shit is extremely weak.

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      2. Nice try. Your mad that Riley cares about defense. You should tell Day to get out there and recruit talent not recruiting lists or stars. Michigan owns Ohio State.


  1. Bear (bare?) translation– I drive a Porsche, but that SC NIL’s money will help me
    move up a gear or two to a Ferrari

    Haven’t seen Scottie this emotional since SC basketball got blown out by Michigan St
    but he was a part of the Daily Trojan and to see it get the boot has to be personal

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    1. Agree LJ. I like that Scott is emotional about USC moving the Daily Trojan offices after 90 years. Traditions connect generations of people. They are more important than we realize. Ms. Folt has failed to provide any compelling reason for this move. Go after her Scott.

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      1. Of all the dumbass stuff Carol’s done, kicking the D. T. out of their newsroom ranks near the top. Scott’s right to be pissed.
        [Is this payback for that unflattering article the D.T. put out when she called a student “a jerk” at a BB game? If so she’s a bigger child than I thought]….


      1. Scott doesn’t fear Dog Days.
        Like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, The Wolfman “will find a way.”


    1. Hi MissusEdG , would you like me to come over and fix the spellcheck on your phone so you don’t come across as a FUC-Tard ? 😂. Let me know, Fucc-Boy


    1. Exactly 67. Sounds like commie language to me. Of course with this trans movement, a guy who enters into the female bathroom is walking into a “shared cultural space.”

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      1. Every University needs one of those….


    1. Unfortunately no Big Mac. Your comment makes too much sense. But if a heroin addicted homeless camp moved from under the 110 fwy. onto the USC campus, occupied the Daily Trojan offices, and claimed “squatter rights”, Ms. Folt would consider their claims. She would do everything that she could to either find them an alternate space on campus or allow them to keep the “shared cultural space” formerly known as the Daily Trojan offices. It’s now called compassion. Used to be called lunacy.

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  2. I protected Scott on another blog. The poster said, “Scott Wolf eats tortoise turds on white toast.” I said, “No that ain’t true, Scott doesn’t like white toast.”
    It’s always something! A guy says that money wasn’t the motivation “necessarily” which HAS to be interpreted as “But it helps”
    I need to know was this new stud wearing Nikes?


  3. The university education system is by its very nature exclusionary, it is the prestige of this limited supply that makes the diploma valuable as a means to achieve financial improvement in your life.

    If Folt were truly interested in more equality, why not dilute the prestige of USC and double up the size of the student body, or more. That would be a step in the direction of increased educational equity.

    But that would vastly diminish the value of the degree and result in alot less people willing to pay the price.

    All of the extra diversity is just a mask that makes the university system seem more palatable to the masses. The race or sex of the exclusive club might be changing, but it still remains an exclusive club that is exclusionary by design.


    1. Gametv: You can double the size of the student population and thereby diminish the prestige or value of the degree. Or you can keep the same number of students and reject those who are qualified in favor of those who are not in the name of equity and still diminish the value of the degree. It appears Ms. Folt has chosen the latter. Eventually, this will result in all degrees being diminished and prospective employers will look for young people who decided to forego college and pursued other interests such as completing an apprenticeship program, travelling the world and learning a foreign language or instrument or opening their own business.


      1. >>Or you can keep the same number of students and reject those who are qualified in favor of those who are not in the name of equity and still diminish the value of the degree. It appears Ms. Folt has chosen the latter.<<

        How do you know this? What objective information do you rely on to make this claim, other than a post by Scott Wolf and, perhaps, your own personal bias?


  4. It appears that some of you are stuck on the Steven Sample example of running a university. Carol Folt is a petty tyrant and she got revenge on the Daily Trojan. Hiding behind the Latino Cultural communion (or whatever fraudulent plan) is disingenuous at best. She’s going to fall hard. I have my popcorn ready. Out of consideration to my wife and family, I really can’t go after her and expose her fake, socialism agenda. Folks should be outraged at all the alumni that have acquiesced to this “lunacy” she has been allowed to spew.

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