Where Will Jordan Addison Get Drafted?

Jordan Addison is supposed to get drafted tonight. So I’ll leave this here if anyone wants to discuss it. He didn’t go in the first 17 picks but most mock drafts had him in the 20’s.

So let’s see.

16 thoughts on “Where Will Jordan Addison Get Drafted?

    1. Tuli Tuipulotu bombed out…LOL!

      This girl dropping like a rock signals the end of the pineapple express…finally!

      USC needs to quit wasting scholarships on those grass hula skirt wearing girls


    2. With that suit he is wearing he might not go till the 7th round. 😂😂 . But seriously, I was actually jerking off when he was on camera, because I actually thought he looked sexy in that suit


  1. Who cares? He’s not a true Trojan.

    The guy played in ten games at USC during his only semester there. He opted out of the Cotton Bowl.

    Imagine that guy telling Marv Goux – “I’m not playing in the Cotton Bowl.”

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    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. With the portal, it’s no longer about watching a kid grow with a program and ultimately making it to the next level.

      Hard to get that excited about a kid who spent one year with us. But I still wish him the very best!


  2. Okay, that doesn’t make sense since Keyshawn told Marv where he can go with that 1950’s rah rah crap.

    I personally wouldn’t pick Addison in the first round since he showed a me first personality when he performed so badly at the combine. I mean, you know this job interview is coming and that’s what you put on display? Red Flag.

    Same goes for Jalen Carter.

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    1. J. Addison is a NFL midget. Minnesota wasted a 1st rd. draft choice on another overrated, bought and pay for, Clownster.


      1. Paid instead of “pay”. My brain, eyes and fingers refuse to sync. Getting old really SUCC’s.


    2. Are you saying the world has moved on from the 1950s?
      People aren’t getting bomb shelters installed in their backyards any more?


  3. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jalen-carter-overcame-not-great-131558941.html

    Georgia coaches went off about Jalen Carter but didn’t want him to transfer and beat Georgia last year. They put up with his crap. Owns, your school sucks in football. Nothing you say about USC will compare to the Chernobyl experience that UCLA is. They’re going to start a true freshman QB behind an inadequate offensive line. That is a criminal offense by Chip Kelly.


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