USC Notes: Social Media Strikes Again

Here’s some USC social media logic on display. Jordan Addison spent two years at Pitt and one semester with the Trojans.

But when he gets drafted, they put out a hashtag with “TrojanMade.”
  • Coach Bohn likes to talk about USC being the most athlete-friendly university in the country.

But here’s a women’s basketball player highlighting that USC ends her university housing lease two days before graduation and she will have to pay more than $125 for every day she stays over.

It’s even worse than that, however. Think of the baseball, track, golf, water polo and beach volleyball athletes currently playing their sports. If they have university housing, they get kicked out of their apartments/dorms in mid-May and then need to be placed somewhere else . . . and not for free, even if they get another dorm room — until the end of their seasons.

It’s always been ridiculous how USC kicks athletes out of the housing in May even though the rooms often go vacant until right before the fall semester starts.

17 thoughts on “USC Notes: Social Media Strikes Again

  1. People often claim Wolf bitches about petty stuff. But this is FAR from petty.

    We should do better. Hope someone with the power to do so gets off their butt and remedies this situation.


    1. He is very petty, especially when he paints it as a uniquely USC act. My kid was a scholarship athlete in the Midwest & he went through this every year he was in university housing & all the other parents I’ve met who had kids on scholarship share the same story. They use the same rooms for summer camps & conferences.


      1. That stinks! Sorry to hear you had to go through that.

        I supposed I should have qualified it by saying if this is true: “…even though the rooms often go vacant until right before the fall semester starts.”

        They should do everything they can to find accommodations through the end of the athlete’s season, plus 2-3 days. I like to think we wouldn’t fall back on the excuse of “other schools do it”.


      2. “Everyone else does it” is no excuse for mistreating the members of the Trojan Family. We should be better. With an endowment of $8.126 billion President Carol Folt can stop giving lip service to supporting the student athletes and do something tangible.

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      3. “Everybody Does It,” Gabby, because it allows kids to come on to campus & get to stay at a university having something to aspire to. Good, bad or indifferent, read your housing agreement & plan accordingly ….


    2. Clown U, Penny Ante Methodist College. With billions in their endowment fund, they squeeze $125.00 day from it’s athletes for any extra days in student housing, after a season or graduation.

      #The skinflint stench is palpable.


  2. I know they are just running the usual programming but USC might want to rethink their position unless the wrong lawyer tries to see if the rent control laws in LA City are applicable to these athletes and students. I can imagine the headache of a potential class action litigation would be embarrassing for a school that went on a moneygrab to force students to perform while being evicted during a sports season.


  3. License to print money


  4. Caleb if you are watching the NFL Draft fire that brain dead agent of yours, He is giving you bad advice letting you play in the Cotton Bowl and letting you play in the upcoming season, You are risking losing millions if you get hurt, Fire you agent and announce you will be sitting this season out


  5. Hello folkdom , well the nba the kings have one player who does the hard work,inside play and 5 clowns who stand at the 3 point most of the game !? Green of golden state does some of that along with being a dirty player but he has inside help with looney tune! Harden you travels with ball often and is a ball hog reminds me of a demon ! Regards , E.


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