Tuli Tuipulotu To Chargers

USC defensive tackle Tuli Tuipulotu was selected with No. 54 overall by the Los Angeles Chargers.

That means Tuipulotu, who is from Lawndale, has still played his entire career in Southern California.

The intriguing part, from the Chargers’ perspective, is that Tuipulotu is still only 20 years old.


38 thoughts on “Tuli Tuipulotu To Chargers

      1. And as he is now a multi-millionaire as well as a respected member of the community, you can only hide behind a keyboard, no prospects, land or love of your life to keep you away from Tuli’s fan board from a school that you constantly fantasize over. Your hapless, destitute and repetitive in special needs way. Miss the short bus, also, Tebow?


  1. Little Petey drafts Zach Charbonnet instead of Tuli. What’s up with that? Just asking for the rah-rah’s.

    I’m guessing Little Petey watched ZC run bye and run over Tuli routinely.


      1. So the ‘Hawks are solid a LB uh Frankie? Did Little Petey share that tidbit information with you. BTW Frankie, the ‘Hawks drafted a useful RB last year.

        #I try to stay factual. Hope you don’t mind?

        #”Facts matter.” ~ Dear Pissley


      1. Leinart gets paid a handsome salary to do college football analysis for Fox Sports and you’re here.
        Feel good about yourself!


  2. Memo to: Auld Lady Helton

    Tuli is too short 6:3, and light 260 lbs., to play full time on a NFL defensive line. It doesn’t bode well for a Tuli injury free NFL career, if he’s giving up 50 – 65 lbs and 2 or 3 inches of leverage vs the opposite O/LM.

    The boxing axiom that a good big man will most always beat a good smaller man seems applicable in Tuli’s case.

    BTW Helton, where the hell was Tuli during the come from ahead Utah and Tulane debacles? Does MIA cover it?

    Just asking for my barber Sal. He swears he’s learned a hard and expensive lesson and will never again bet Ripple and Puke FB, regardless what their cupcake W/L record might indicate…you know Helton, fake hard rock competitiveness, as it were.

    Cue: “Baby Elephant Walk.”

    #Cheers Baby


      1. LOL Frankie Boy, why am I not surprised 4 small paragraphs is beyond your towering intellect.

        Did mommy drop you on your head while high up on a latter when you were a toddler? I hope she didn’t mean to.

        Does your only friend call you flat top? Just asking for the blog.


  3. Yes he does Frankie auld stick. That’s because Leinart was a monumental bust/loser in the NFL. Even his old college HC, Little Petey, didn’t want him in Seattle enough to offer Leinart more than the NFL minimum 1 yr. contract…OUCH!

    Reggie ” I saws the money, and I tooks it” Bush; Matt “Square Dance” Leinart and Urban “I know I SUCC” Meyer. That’s quite the half wit trio shilling for Clown U and Fox College FB games, in that order.

    Bud Wilkerson was more exciting than Fox’s sleazy, loser trio.

    Cue: Reggie Bush’s pathetic “Who baked my bacon?,” Wendy’s commercial. Bush was perfect for the role…D’oh.

    Bush always reminds of Charlie Chan’s driver.


  4. Memo to: Hal9000

    Rosen doesn’t need to work, so he can afford to bounce around the NFL looking for a his shot. Perseverance is worth a big NFL payoff…some thing Leinart will never experience.


    1. Memo to the quintessential shape-shifter “Owns” – Nobody wants Rosen – for any reason or any capacity. He shot his mouth off and layed a double yoke.He’s got the nose, alright – maybe it is just for something else.Man, you have an excuse for everything.Your constant projection is patently obvious.Gotta go now – smack you later. P.S. – how’s that ground level treehouse you call a facility? Also, why did Tommy Prothro punt on third down? Lastly, did Granny Donahue knit that lovely baby blue sweater for Terry on gameday? SWEET.


  5. You can’t possibly be that stupid, Owns. Clearly, Zach is an insurance pick for running backs in case of injury. Tell you what, a sporting man’s bet. If Zach plays more than Tuli, I’ll leave this blog forever-or a one year self imposed ban. If Tuli plays more snaps than Zach then you leave for a year. You set the terms for the length of the wager in years or the games. Let see how stupid you truly are-I shouldn’t say it like that, how strong are you convictions owns, considering your multiple personalities, alleviating one of your identities from the blog can’t possibly be too much to ask.

    Rosen is available to help you with the agreement, he won’t be playing pro ball anytime this year.


    1. ZC, an insurance pick in the second rd. TW? You are stupid, you’re also FB stupid. Little Petey is cheap, and he could get RB insurance via a 6th or 7th rd., draft choice or sign a decent F/A RB.

      Remind me eight ball, where are Cody Kessler and Matt Barkley playing this year? No doubt they’re collecting pine ass splinters on some Arena FB team’s practice squad.

      BTW dummy, I have two dominant personality beliefs: Clown U, that cheesy, pathetic Methodist College and bozo hyper-rah-rah goons SUCC.

      Overrated 2023 bozo FB: 8 – 4

      Cue: The Tulane fight song.

      If I’ve learn one thing in my life, it’s never bet with consistent losers like yourself TW, ’cause they never pay for their loser wagers.


      1. You could have just said commenting here is a giant part of your life and you don’t have the balls to take the wager and risk losing that.
        Those are facts.


      2. I understand. The thought of you losing one your split personalities is horrific for you. I guess inflation has affected the cost of your therapy sessions as well. There is an injury concern with a couple of Seahawks running backs, including the player they drafted in the 2nd round last season. Zach will also be backup for special teams. See, it’s called insurance in pro football. 85 in college is not the same as 53 in the pros. He also can go to the taxi squad and save the team cap space. For a guy that follows sports, your really clueless. By the way, those aren’t personality beliefs, those were implied biases. You could learn that at USC.


    2. Now boys, we Democrats must stick together and get our President re-elected. He needs all the help he can get since he won’t be campaigning again and his mind is gone.


    1. What debate ’49. There’s no debate. bozo FB always choka, choka, choka, choka, chokes when faced with equal or better competition.

      Utah 47 – le bozo chokers 24

      Tulane 46 – le bozo chokers 45

      Stanford, a 41 pt. dog 22 – le bozo chokers 21 @ the crumbling mausoleum.

      FYI ’49, UCLA has never lost to a 41 pt. dog at home or away

      #Cupcake on


  6. Memo to: Frankie Boy

    You’re a loser Frankie boy, As I have explained to you, I don’t bet with losers.

    Besides Frankie, I doubt your balls have dropped. Or maybe, you’re SUCC’s official whiny castrato.


  7. So if USC is getting better, Owns, what is UCLA doing? How about another friendly wager? UCLA wins more games than USC, then I will post a picture of myself in a UCLA cheer outfit. You will do the same if USC wins more than UCLA! You like to stay in the past but no one remembers anything positive about UCLA recently. They just choked in baseball, the girls softball team just choked, the gymnast team flamed out-thank god they survived their fake woke “we love each other” fiasco and we know that Mick Cronin pulled an Enfield in the last tournament-but that was only 60%!

    Put your honor where your keyboard is! Let’s bet!


  8. Memo to: So Cal aka Ms. Grundy

    Thanks for the heads up. Now kindly explain, in your own words, your ticky- tacky, third grade English lesson.

    I’ve never been to auld to learn.

    #Cue: “To Sir with Love” you horse’s ass.


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