Let’s Wrap Up The NFL Draft

So USC and UCLA each had four players drafted. Oregon had six.

Northwestern, which went 1-11, had four players chosen.

Georgia had 10 players picked. TCU had eight.

You want to talk about a draft. USC had 15 players selected in the 1953 NFL Draft.

The draft were for 30 rounds back then, which sounds unbelievable in today’s culture.

Here’s the first USC player selected, tailback Al Carmichael, who was taken with the seventh pick by the Green Bay Packers. Others selected included running back Jim Sears, QB Rudy Bukich, guard Elmer Willhoite, tackle Charley Ane and defensive back/fullback Jim Psaltis.


16 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap Up The NFL Draft

  1. Media plays a bigger picture in the NFL draft these days. There’s a lot more talent to choose from and the need of the team has more to do with who gets drafted. USC has a large legacy of draftees, and my crystal ball says there will be plenty more.

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      1. Can I let you in on a little secret, my friend? Caleb will not choke versus UCLA……. but speaking of choking…

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      2. Choka choka choka is the sound of the little bruin “engine that could” – “I think I can, I think I can”……But they really can’t. The hill just got steeper for the gutties.

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  2. Boy! Al Carmichael is sure making those defense guys look sick! They’re completely outta position. I wonder what team that is?

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    1. that is a final Scrimmage at coliseum under McKay wrapping up spring practice…he invited past SC veterans to scrimmage current team…that is SC qb Pete Beathard chasing him…remember they had to play offense and defense back then

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      1. Thanks, bud! [I realized it was a scrimmage but I didn’t recognize Pete— man, the QB’s were anything but coddled back then]!


  3. This accurately reflects the quality of Clay Helton’s legacy. Vorhees would have gone much higher if not for the injury.

    Chocolate Chip Kelly has had many years to build his roster and he still only can match the legacy of Clay.

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    1. Recently Chip’s won/loss record looks a lot like Clay’s — but, to be fair, Chip is 10 times the coach Clay is…and players respect Chip…

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  4. I think there will be others in the pros from this team.
    I’ll always remember the ’52 team and Al Carmichael my favorite of all time…
    SC also had great coaching that year.

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    1. I came along a bit too late for Carmichael —-but not too late for Jon Arnett. Arnett was my favorite of all time …and probably the reason I’ve loved football ever since.


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