Andrew Vorhees Gets Drafted

USC offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees was selected in the seventh round by the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s a relief because Vorhees would have been drafted higher if he hadn’t hurt his knee at the NFL Combine.

He went through a lot in his USC career and was an All-American. Not an Internet All-American either, an Associated Press first-team All-American team selection.

So once he recovers, he should be an asset for the Ravens.


7 thoughts on “Andrew Vorhees Gets Drafted

    1. USC linemen aren’t what they use to be, they’re overrated in college by the jerk off Trojans fanboys, who have no life , then flop at the next level after a year or two.


  1. In my opinion, even though he didn’t have a great career at USC, he will be a decent pro if he recovers from injury. Even without the injury, he would have been drafted below many O-linemen that didn’t make any All American teams


  2. I think Scott paid the man a compliment saying he’d be an asset to the Ravens. USC has had lesser players drafted higher, so the knee thing hurt him literally and figuratively.

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  3. Anyone know if there’s insurance for players who get injured at the combine? Vorhees lost millions.


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