Would USC Have Handled This Differently?

I don’t know if you’ve been following the case of Arizona quarterback Jayden de Laura but he and a high school teammate, Wisconsin safety Kamoi Latu, agreed to pay a woman who said she was raped by the players on October 27, 2018, after a high school football game.

The victim was 16 years old at the time. De Laura and Latu were also underage.

Arizona put out a statement today:

REACTION: There is no way USC would have put out the same statement if this happened to a Trojans’ football player. I don’t know how USC would have resolved this but it would not have wrapped it all up a day after the settlement became public and simply allowed his status to be unchanged.

14 thoughts on “Would USC Have Handled This Differently?

  1. What could USC do about a matter that occurred before a player even signed an offer to come to the school and had nothing to do with the school?


    1. hi John/So Cal, kann u hlp mee fixx da spellcheck on mi sell fone? Cuz da people thk I’m a FUCC-Tard. N MissusEdG say she tired off axing u 2 cum play Peenus Swords wit us, she say u still mad cuz u got jizz in ur eyes last time smdh


    1. I agree to an extent. But what scott is trying to compare and contrast is that the university, since the early ’90s and more aggressively in recent years, has done everything it can to virtue signal creating all sorts of due process and commonsensical violations. It is quite comedic to watch them virtue signal with a holier than thou attitude and at the same time generate all sorts of unethical situations with Tindel, Med school dean, social work dean/Mark Ridley Thomas, and varsity blues scandals and attempt to brush them under the rug. When issues in the department were week at best with a few different situations. Now I’m all for ejecting bad seeds, but you do that once they have a legit review (not a kangaroo internal committee) or had their day in court. This was just a compare and contrast question on how the phony higher ups would have handles the UofA situation.

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      1. Agree w/you, Vault91. It’s easy & lazy to take the Popeye the Sailor approach [“Enough is too much!”] and exile players without looking at all the collateral issues and mitigating circumstances [fuck me –I’m sounding like one of my Public Defender friends]. Apparently Arizona preferred a more sober approach. [Both Wanda Austin and Carol’s approach was/is oversimplifying complex issues in order to look personally holy. Student rights mean nothing]…


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    1. Yes…. USC proved true holiness on that one.


  2. sounds like baloney…5yrs ,and now come up with something since he is making money…statute of limitations too…


    1. ….Main considerations …. EVERYONE involved was underaged ….to reiterate, they were ALL MINORS at time of incident…..as I understand it from Scott’s piece, she didn’t even seek criminal justice forum… she sued for monetary damages….civil case was settled…she got her money…It’s over….


  3. I’m not a lawyer or a cancel-type guy, but my initial reaction was that deLaura should be kicked off the team.


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