USC Saturday Buzz: A Little Different Start To Weekend

We will start off the weekend on a lighter note with former USC announcer Mike Walden in the opening segment of first Super Dave show on Showtime.

Walden was a great guy off air and didn’t have a huge ego, unlike some USC announcers and, frankly, a lot of broadcasters.

And it comes across in his Super Dave segments. If you watch this clip, you definitely need to stay for the surprise at the end.

If you need a USC clip, here’s Walden and Pete Newell calling The Shot.

  • USC baseball snapped its five-game losing streak with a 7-2 victory over Oregon at Dedeaux Field on Friday night. Pitcher Blake Sodersten struck out 11. The Trojans (26-19-1) are the first USC team to win at least 26 games since 2018.

11 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: A Little Different Start To Weekend

  1. Rest in peace, Bob Einstein [Super Dave]…


    1. Hey Marty Funkhauser, he was Albert Brooks brother. The scenes on
      Curb were really something especially with his cast daughter and
      Rosie O’ Donnell. Played some B’ball with him at SMCC 1961.

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  2. Scotty wouldn’t be referring to the current SC broadcaster Pete ArboGASbag, would he ?

    Met Tom Kelly after a USC baseball game one Sunday, he did like Scotch.

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  3. Hello sports fans,well the nba refs going to the tv monitor to see what happened on the play !? does exzude confidence in what there refing does it ! they obviously needed philliedelphia to win the game today on may 7 !!! Regards , E.


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