Offensive Lineman Picks Missouri Over USC

Former Houston offensive lineman Cam’Ron Johnson has committed to Missouri over USC.

Johnson was an first-team all-conference guard at Houston and could have challenged for a starting guard spot at USC.

USC will likely start Wyoming transfer Emmanuel Pregnon at left guard to start the season.

  • San Diego State basketball player Keshad Johnson, who recently visited USC, is visiting Arizona this weekend.
  • Willie Mays turned 92 today.

Here he is when the Giants held a parade before their first home game in San Francisco. More than 200,000 attended the parade on April 14, 1958.


10 thoughts on “Offensive Lineman Picks Missouri Over USC

  1. Almost time for the Derby!!

    Bourbon, I don’t know if you’re lurking. I was too lazy to make a mint julip, so I made an old fashioned with Makers Mark Double Oak.

    A shame there were so many scratches today, including the favorite, Forte

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      1. hi John/So Cal, MissusEdG say u kan use her peenus to check for cavities, but only if u tech me how to spell sooo I dunt sound lik a FUC-Tard… okkk?


  2. When might Bronny play? I mean the Booger and his Daddy are returning and Andyain’twinning adds 5 star, I. Collier at point.

    So Bronny signs with a second/third tier bozo BB team with zero chance of winning a NC. If Bronny were so good, why were only 3 Div. 1 teams interested in his BB skills?

    Andyain’twinning is surely a glutton for media attention/punishment. If Bronny SUCC’s, Enfield will get the blame. Who will Bronny listen too: Andyain’twinning or LeBron, if they clash? Will Andyain’twinning scream at and yank Bronny if he makes a costly, glaring mistake, if LeBron is in the stands?

    I smell possible descension in the ranks of the men’s bozo BB program. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving BB coach than Andyain’twinning.

    #bozo BB tanks on.


  3. Greetings fans, well the nba hardin what a terrible player he is slow footed cant jump and uses his bent elbow to club his opponent !!!! Ebiid looks tired and injured well it looks good by hardin in philafilthy !!!!!! Regards , E.


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