What Caleb Williams And Bronny James Have In Common

I talked recently about USC having a one-year window for elite success with Caleb Williams in his final season.

Baskeball has a similar situation although on a much smaller scale. Boogie Ellis is a senior. Isaiah Collier is a one-and-done. Bronny James is a one-and-done if LeBron wants him.

Now I’m firmly in the camp of Bronny needing to stay more than one year in college. He wasn’t even the best player in the Mission League. But if he is only around a year, that’s the time frame to capture the fans’ attention. So next year is the time.

Here’s my new slogan for USC basketball: It will never be boring. Unless Andy Enfield speaks.


30 thoughts on “What Caleb Williams And Bronny James Have In Common

    1. hi John, kan u play peenus swords wit meee. Eye promise 2 Lern how to spell ifff u do . Da people keeep clllin me a FUCC-TARD.. smdh


  1. Scott says ” USC has a one-year window for elite success with Caleb Williams in his final season. ” Agree that Caleb is a generational talent that gives USC a unique opportunity. But I think the transfer portal changes the “one year window” dynamic. USC will have very good quarterbacks behind Caleb ready to take over. And if Reilly believes they are not up to the task, he will attract an All American replacement who envisions receiving a Heisman. USC will have a top 5 offense for as long as Reilly is the coach.

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  2. Fondest Wish Department:
    Hope Enfield takes the bait and stands in front of Scott for 2 seconds too long the next time he sees him so we can sue for False Imprisonment…..

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      1. Oh no , Fake Gabby didn’t take his meds this morning. The Trans is back to htreatening posters with physical violence again. When will WordPress ban her?


  3. Reiley has proven to be the QB whisperer! What he did to help Jalen Hurts’ progression is amazing. I know the 2024 season is far off, but the QB situation gives me some anxiety

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    1. I’m a brainless wanna be so I don’t even know how to spell the USC head football coach’s last name.


      1. You truly are a brainless wanna be, trolling under a fake username to help ease your manic-depressive defect. how go fuck yourself



      2. You truly are a danger to society and yourself. If only they would commit you to Atascadero before you kill someone.


  4. QB will be fine in 2024. Think better linemen on offense should do the trick. Tebow has no class or clue unless it supports his addiction to failure. Wolf’s hatred of Enfield is irrational and pay petty. If you don’t like the man then be objective.


    1. LIKED!…..If you don’t like the man then be objective

      I think Scott’s lack of an objective demeanor is why he has zero traction within the athletic department. He often relies on third-party sources to get content related to the football program… Prime example- his mystery coaches.

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      1. Scott has a doppleganger who works for ‘The Athletic’ and writes strictly about the LAA. His comments were deemed too blunt by owner Arte Moreno that he tried to ban him from attending any press briefings which blew up in cheap Arte’s backend to where Sam was re-instated. In fact a mere week ago the Angels had to move their post-game commentary away from the front of the stadium to inside because of the chants ‘Sell the team!’ could be heard over the hosts telecast.
        Why this side bar? Well every team, franchise, school needs a pesky gadfly to keep the adoring scribes honest otherwise you have an entrenched clique of ‘good ole’ boys’ that are no different than the MSM per Biden and his sonny boy Hunter.

        TJ Simers used to fill that role until he decided to file that ‘stress lawsuit’ that he once would have mocked. He had a full barrel for all save his twin demi-gods ‘the peckerwood’ and ‘ye olde Vin-dawg aka ‘the skull’ Nonetheless everyone else was fair game.

        I like Scott because he gives us really good history each Friday but he also fires, mostly for reaction, but he also hits more than he misses and best of all the powers that be take notice.

        So to conclude the screed let me segue back to Sam Blum – kudos for hm in ragging on Moreno et. al.. If it motivates the LAA to win all the better and if it forces Moreno to secure Ohtani rather than trade him even better but best of all if that clown Moreno finally sells the team best of all and take his frat brother Kuhl with him along with jr Kuhl – Carpino.

        Opps almost forgot ‘blank’ Vinnie

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      2. Soviet,

        You forgot to include Obamaski in your rambling commentary.
        Are you slipping?


  5. Every once in a while I get trapped in mental fog caused by people posting negative opinions about subjects on the blogs I read. I was guilty of this concerning Alex Grinch, so I did digging for myself. Alex has been a coach for Washington State, where the defense improved. He worked at Missouri, where again there was improvement. For one year he was coordinator at Ohio State under Urban Mayer, where inexplicably the defense floundered. One magazine analysis said “in spite of having essentially the same level of recruits (5stars etc.) the defense was markedly worse under Grinch.” The feeling was Grinch was over scheming and his players couldn’t keep up. Although it was just one year later that Grinch jumped ship for Oklahoma, the Ohio defense improved dramatically with his departure. While at Oklahoma the defense improved a little his first year, but was a factor in keeping Oklahoma from winning the national championship.
    Now he’s at USC where he can claim an improved defense, but that’s following perhaps the worst defense USC has ever fielded. A Pop Warner coach would have been an improvement. So I guess the negative people have a point, Grinch is in a make or break year. If improvement isn’t evident by game three, a replacement should be put in place during the bye week.

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    1. Ghost— I love you but I stopped reading at “I did some research for myself…”

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    2. I have wondered if the Grinch scheme hurts the defense. If that is true, it is an easy fix. Just simplify the scheme and let the talent of your players take over. Unfortunately, I watch the games and players miss tackles. And our 4 star defenders don’t cover receivers.

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    3. Not bad then again what did Grinch have last year on defense? The leavings of that ass clown Helton? But yeah if this is a replicate of what we had last year then good bye Alex. Grinch either realizes, as you noted, his overwhelming the players on his last stint with the Buckeyes or well, as noted, sayonara.

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  6. Memo to: Commie Lush

    As usual, CL, you kick a person in their grave RIP.

    Once a dick, always a dick, huh CL.


  7. Scott Wolf’s comments on Andy Enfield have a estrogen-rage vibe. We know he’s not Bob Boyd for crying out loud. You want John Rob to coach the men to get your joy back, Wolf?


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