USC Picture Of The Day

The trip to Notre Dame in 1939 didn’t look too uncomfortable on the train.

Here’s USC halfback Jack Banta amusing right tackle Bob deLauer and fullback William Sangster.

The No. 4-ranked Trojans defeated No. 7-ranked Notre Dame, 20-12 and were named national champions by the Dickinson System.


21 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

      1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Still the best Thanksgiving movie —and Steve Martin’s wife is hot…


  1. WTF was the 1939 Dickinson System? No doubt it was cheesy band of several alcoholic, dickhead, sports writers willing, nay, that couldn’t wait, to sell their FB votes for free, bozo fat cat, booze and cash.

    #Clown U mantra: If we ain’t bribing and cheating, we ain’t winning.


      1. Only rah-rah, loser Clownsters celebrate a 1939, Dickinson System elected, FB, NC.

        In ’39, the bozos were a regular season, 8-0-2. Hardly NC credentials. So free booze and cash were the extra sauce enhancing the Dickinson System’s bozo NC election.

        #Truth hurts doesn’t it 9000?


    1. Hey BruinRob, are you related to the hooker that was in the hotel room with Red Sanders when he died of a “heart attack”?


  2. ugh, missus owns iz stil upset chips ahoy kellee got himself anuthur extenshion, don’t worree missus owns, 2028 wil be here befor u know it.

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      1. Be a change to see you reciprocate the same instead of what you spout about anything that makes USC unique. I admire anyone who isn’t worshipped and adored – I always liked Tommy Prothro, Dick Vermeil, Terry Donahue (overrated but a decent man) and Bob Toledo thus my contempt for ‘the peckerwood’ and even more so ‘ye olde Vin-dawg’. But you? Well sweet cakes this is the difference btwn a ‘fan’ and an ‘addict’. Believe it or not I pray for you at mass ye olde ‘MOT’.

        All power to the soviets!

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    1. I will go there. Chris Roberts passed away. Who is Robert La Peer Mr. World? Another incomprehensible post.

      Asking for someone who intends to sabotage the joy of others this Mother’s day weekend. BTW, your wife with the three degrees, is she a mother?


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