USC Baseball Gets Critical Sweep

USC got its third straight gem from its pitching staff as Tyler Stromsborg allowed one run in 6 2/3 innings in a 5-1 victory over Arizona State.

USC swept the Sun Devils, who started the weekend ahead of the Trojans in the Pac-12 standings. USC is now 31-20-1 overall and 16-11 in the Pac-12. Arizona State dropped to 29-21 and 14-12.

The Trojans were picked to finish 10th out of 11 teams in the Pac-12 preseason coaches’ baseball poll. UCLA, which was picked to finish second, is currently in seventh place.

  • The USC track teams finished second at the Pac-12 championships at Mt. SAC.

16 thoughts on “USC Baseball Gets Critical Sweep

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  2. Track and baseball. Good!!! That can help the football team. Baseball and track used to be national champions at SC. We need to get back to that mindset.

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  3. Good to see baseball winning again …I watched some of the track and field ; SC mens did not have anyone in the 400 hurdles,and a few other events…they have a ways to go to get back to what they used to be.


  4. What is with the attendance at the baseball games.? Beautiful day
    Sunday and only drew 600 + after beating ASU twice already. Maybe
    because Mother’s Day was one reason.


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