Report: USC Interested In Unpopular Mega-Dorm

Remember the huge, windowless dorm that was proposed at UC Santa Barbara a couple years ago that could house 4,500 students?

The project is currently on hold as it undergoes design changes, including windows, but here is an interesting tidbit that brings USC into the picture.

The team behind the dorm project believes USC is interested and wishes to convince billionaire philanthropist Charles Munger to build the behemoth structure on campus, according to the Daily Nexus.

Can you imagine an ugly, mega-dorm at a campus the size of USC? It would be totally out of character. There’s also the question of where USC would put it? For a $1.5 billion donation, USC would probably tear plenty of existing buildings down to satisfy its financial hunger.

According to the Daily Nexus, Munger gave more than $130,000 to the USC law school in 2010 to pay his architect team to explore building a dorm on campus. The project was ultimately scrapped.

Who knows how USC feels about it now? The UC Santa Barbara dorm proposal drew heavy criticism from students and the community, which caused the current delays. Would the USC community react similarly if a soulless structure were to built on campus? Hopefully.


25 thoughts on “Report: USC Interested In Unpopular Mega-Dorm

  1. hi john,im fallowin sum wun who i hird say on hiz fone that hes heddin to the air port,imma gonna keap on him un till i figger owt wye heez gowin thare,may be hes meatin sum princis thare ore may be it wil leed me to the noter daim gaim reporet carred,il let ewe now,

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    1. All good till the last subordinate clause, Ed —where did the Notre Dame part come from?


  2. Some other schools have built dorms within the structure of their college football stadiums, e.g. LSU’s Tiger Stadium.

    If USC wants to put up a big dorm structure, figure out how to incorporate it into the Coliseum on the north side. Or, even somehow incorporated into the Galen Center. Students living within the football and/or basketball infrastructure would be awesome.




    1. You’re right. But the Village Idiot is going to cry racist again, Marvienna.

      I stopped flashing a “V” for victory to Asian motorists with a USC Alumni license plate frame. Most of them had no idea what I was doing. Anyone else flashes it right back with lots of school spirit!


      1. Asian is politically correct, dipshit….. and stop the lying, you were trying to flip them off but the arthritis from playing the tuba impacts your index finger from tucking in.


      2. looks who just showed up, couldn’t resist the opportunity to analyze the aroma…..please post your results, the world is waiting!


  3. I spotted the faux Ed,Lawyer John, Gabby’s car today. The license plate is O. U. R. 12.
    Anyway a mega form would be the ruin of campus life. Everyone lives in the same building built on the cheap, what could go wrong? If built I bet it will annexed as a homeless shelter and burned to the ground within 6 years of completion. Just a guess.


    1. Because only kids on the outside could have windows and those inside wouldn’t. We must all work towards EQUITY, Pasadena! Come on, it’s so obvious! 😛


      1. You stupid troll, any structure of that magnitude would have to meet the egress fire codes….which means exit windows… genuinely are the blog dunce


      2. Just as with MG earlier, too dumb to know when someone’s just being a smartass. Not shocked.


      3. Exactly…..and I was being a smart-ass and you took the bait….. joke is on you… truly are one slow-minded dude!


    2. Walter Gropius’ curse lives on and rest assured the construction lobby in CA is akin to the military industrial complex that has ransacked this great nation since 1941 but here in CA said construction goliath since 1958.

      They let this piece of ‘biden’ get constructed it’s no different than what Robert Moses did to NYC and upstate NY (I-87)


      1. It’s been woke since the 1920’s ‘bauhaus’ – it’s cheaper and faster …. take the under n the ‘rebar’ bleeding through


  4. Uncle Warren and Uncle Charlie have made me a lot of $$$ with my Berkshire stock.

    Whatever they do is fine with me now that ResWest aka Flour is gone and Webb is soon to be gone.

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  5. All Scott is posting had no corroboration with a credible source. Well Wolf, let me speculate that the building will cost to much to build and bring up to code that the building have the capacity to add solar panels.

    How’s that for pulling out filler?

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