USC Notes: Preseason Honors For Football

Lincoln Riley and Andy Enfield put out statements thanking Mike Bohn.

You know who has been conspicuous in their silence? Women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb.

Bohn hired her and gave her the crazy sum of $1 million per year to come to USC. So you would think she would at least thank him for hiring her.

But all Gottlieb, who is active on social media, did was retweet Riley’s comments, which is pretty spineless.

Why didn’t she put out her own statement? Maybe because she’s too worried about who she might offend since some female employees reportedly complained about Bohn.

  • Five USC players were named to Athlon Sports preseason Pac-12 team: Quarterback Caleb Williams, wide receiver Dorian Singer, safety Calen Bullock, linebacker Mason Cobb (pictured above) and punter Eddie Czaplicki earned first-team honors.

Overall, the Athlon team has 19 players from USC.

  • USC plays UCLA today at 2:30 p.m. in the first round of the Pac-12 Baseball Tournament.
  • USC women’s golf has made the semifinals of the NCAA Tournament and will face No. 1 Stanford today at 1:30 p.m. The Golf Channel will start coverage at 2 p.m.

16 thoughts on “USC Notes: Preseason Honors For Football

  1. It’s ultra important USC beat UCLA today —or— we’ll never fucking hear the end of it from my pal, Owns…


      1. Bohn is long gone. I’m pretty sure he’s not searching USC athletic twitter and other social media sites to see who is saying what about him.

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      2. Shut up gay boy. You are too busy pleasuring yourself to men in tights to have anything interesting to say.


    1. Maybe she’s ticked off she didn’t get Dandy-Andy money, who by the way was not happy with Bone when he didn’t get an immediate extension after making the Elite-8

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  2. 1 mil for a womens basketball coach? Not one of Bohns best decisions. Women basketball is a money loser. But it just goes to show the pressure to waste money on womens sports while at the same time trying to destroy Football.


  3. parcelman with the enlightened comment of the day. How about having the #1 high school player come to your school as validation for being paid so much? Ya think?

    Wolf, just being wolfish.


  4. CNN reports today 5/23:

    More than 450 Catholic clergymen abused nearly 2,000 children in Illinois, state report says.

    By Virginia Langmaid, CNN

    One wonders if those filthy stinking, vile Priests will BURN in HELL, uh
    PT, So Cal, Commie Lush and any other of you rapid, two bit genuflectors.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost…LOL

    Cue: “Spill the Wine” by Eric Burton and War.


  5. when one signs on to the woke system,one is walking on raw eggs,& bound to make a few egg shells…I don’t really understand selling out ones soul for money, but it sure is quite common.

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