USC-Notre Dame Game Will Be Night Kickoff, Of Course

The USC-Notre Dame game in South Bend will kick off at 4:30 p.m. PT.

It’s no surprise because the game has been at night for the past decade. But it’s a shame because for decades this was an early afternoon game, which can be a wonderful atmosphere at Notre Dame. You also had a chance for a nice, sunny game.

It was traditional college football at its best.

Now, if you attend the game, it’s guaranteed to be cold at night and there’s nothing fun about driving back to Chicago at 1 a.m. Or, more importantly, the USC players getting back to L.A. at 3 a.m. Sunday.

Will we ever see a game at South Bend in the daytime again? Only if both teams were terrible.

  • New USC defensive lineman Bear Alexander posted a video of his apartment in downtown L.A.

24 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame Game Will Be Night Kickoff, Of Course

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      1. You are not Ed, but you are gay. You pleasure yourself to Hitlery Clinton and men in tights. So very gay of you.


      2. I’m so frustrated that I’ll call everyone gay 😂


  1. I think Own’s is the assistant doorman at that building. How are we doing in Pac 12 baseball tournament. Ding Ding Ding


    1. Owns sits atop his vulture perch waiting…..waiting……for the next slip up by the Trojans. Then! He WILL fly. #AndEatTheRoadKillAsWell P.S. – Stay thirsty, my friend.

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      1. Man 9000, I’m taking the hits this morning. No need to worry about my thirst, I always have a qt. of water handy; but thx for the heads up.

        Cue: the Green Wave Fight song

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      2. Whatta ’bout Casey Kasem – “And the hits just keep on comin’!” You take it like a man. #BrighterDaysAhead

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    1. Cut out of the LSAT examination at USC 15 minutes early so I could see Tina open for the Stones at the Forum [she was way more fun than they were that night]….

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  2. Somebody had to bring back the baseball equipment from Scottsdale. I believe Owns is on logistics duty. I’m not mad at Alexander. His family is in real estate from what I was told.


  3. I still predict, unfortunately, this game goes by the wayside once we get into Big 10 and already have 4-5 Midwest trips a year. Gonna be a real sad consequence to the move.


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