Radio, Radio

Here’s a radio interview I did with radio station KSL in Salt Lake City where I talk about Mike Bohn; who will replace him; USC’s upcoming season and the future of the Pac-12.
  • USC is a 30-point favorite over San Jose State and 35.5-point favorite over Nevada in the first two games of the season per BetOnline.

20 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

  1. High Jon, teeeech meeee how two spelll, cuz da people say I sound like. FUCC-TARD!!!! Hlp me! MissusEdG say u can use her Peenus to chk ur Tonsils like last time if u teech me.


    1. You are not Ed/LJ/SoCal/SteveG but you are gay. Only gay people don’t despise that icy evil cunt, Hitlery. But since you are gay, you adore her. Almost as much as you enjoy pleasuring yourself to men in tights.


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  2. Nice interview, Scott. A new lighthearted, ‘I don’t really give a shit’ demeanor.
    Did you mention the next A. D. will not only have to come without baggage …but his balls will need to be stored in Carol’s baggage?

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      1. Pasadena,
        You sick bastard! Keep what your catholic priest does to kids to yourself. Just shut your piehole and stop bending over. No one but your priest is interested.


  3. She installed a puppet-er, interm AD who just happens to be a woman with a fake title of Student support. Carol is a real head case. Sandy Barbour?

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    1. Oh noooooooo. “Doctor” Denise Kwok is our NEW Athletic Director. Seriously. She’ll work in conjunction with a team of other [non] renowned “doctors”. They can only go forward on any issue relating to USC athletics when they reach “consensus.”
      Carol Folt is a mother fucking idiot.

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      1. Lincoln Riley will leave at end of 2023 season with Caleb. Carol will be left with the sports mess she’s worked SO hard to achieve.

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      2. I don’t mind the doctor thingy because Socrates and other scholars who studied for 10 years at least were considered masters in their field of expertise, which gave them the right to present themselves as professors or doctors. Like barbers were surgeons in some societies. The eye of the beholder.

        The lack of vision and poor leadership is disgusting. Let’s get somebody with zero credibility to run the department until I find the right eunuch is shortsighted and will backfire.

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    1. Have you read any of the N. Y. Times articles about how Kamala Harris’ office works? She has a speech writer. A press liaison. 3 field workers. 3 secretaries. And an administrative assistant.
      One week the press liaison walks out. Next week the speechwriter is fired. A week later the Administrative Assistant vanishes and is never heard from again. And Kamala keeps saying things are fine.
      That’s kinda how this will go..

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      1. Just Rent,

        Just like your juggernaugt girls amazon lesbo softball team that lost to the Titans of softball, GC and Liberty, your panzy waist baseball team lost to a team that will go the ncaa tournament, and that is SC on Tuesday and the score was 6-4. SC took 3 out of 4 from the redheads step child called the ugly ruins of westweird.

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