Carol Folt Appoints Interim Athletic Director/Leadership Team

USC is amazing in the way it can throw money and bureaucracy at things.

With Mike Bohn gone, Carol Folt announced today that she appointed a three-member team “to ensure USC continues to function seamlessly during the transition and complete its preparation for joining the Big Ten Conference.”

In addition, Denise Kwok, Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development, has been appointed interim athletic director.

The three members are former Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour, former Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg and former Duke deputy athletic director Mitch Moser.

Moser is actually temporarily relocating to Los Angeles.

REACTION: How much is all this going to cost? A three-member team? Some conferences get started with less top-heavy administration models.

If all this is necessary to replace Bohn on an interim basis, USC probably should have two full-time athletic directors. Or three.

This is simply Folt’s way of throwing a massive amount of resources at a problem. But as I said this morning, USC has seven Executive Senior Associate Athletic Directors, so it’s not like the athletic dept. wouldn’t function.


34 thoughts on “Carol Folt Appoints Interim Athletic Director/Leadership Team

      1. 67
        She’s a rainbow warrior that bounces back and forth from East Coast to West Coast.

        She takes credit for everything. She even takes credit for the State mandated earthquake retrofit of Memorial Stadium like it was her idea. Saddled the football team with $400 million in debt and the City of Berkeley only allows 6 events a year because of traffic congestion.

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    1. Sincere question: Is Sandy Barbour the person who used to play “Pat” on the old “Saturday Nite Live” show?

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  1. It;s like the twilight zone for Trogan fans, A Woman is in charge at USC, A Woman is Mayor of Los Angeles, A Democrat is in the White House after replacing our racist sex offender president, A Woman is Vice President!

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      1. Intentionally accusing an innocent person of rape or sexual assault can result in civil lawsuits.


      2. …’s “feminists” [who aren’t feminists in the former sense of the word] are very forgiving of sexual assault committed by members of the ‘no borders’ crowd —whereas anyone who believes in borders is, by definition, a racist and a rapist.


  2. Oh, fuck it all. Naturally I wanna stay as small and petty as possible —but may I step out of character for one moment? I just listened to an interview with Sandy Barbour and she’s extremely impressive. And hugely likable…..

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    1. there are people that are great at sounding smart and then make horrible decisions. bohn sounded pretty lame to me, but he made the right decisions.

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  3. Trojan horse move to hire Barbour permanently. Not seeing any big time coaching hires on her resume. Franklin preceded her at PSU in 2014.

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  4. First Tulane and now Wake Forest? As predicted (by many posts) a woman is now the AD at USC
    On top of that Wake Forest beat USC women on the links. (I had to look to see if it was the Gamecocks) 3-1 was the final whatever you call it in golf. The loss can be placed squarely on the TMB, which for some reason went to Europe instead of performing during the matches.
    In other news who wants to bet the interim title is just an interim title? How long before the Trojans wear pink uniforms to cause awareness for breast cancer? Will the book store will be selling knockoffs to boobs with cash.


  5. It looks pretty bad for USC. I’m thinking this is Lincoln’s last year at USC. Anybody with half a brain should see the wiring on the wall until Rick Caruso comes in to save the school from the petty and pink mob.

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    1. Didn’t Rick want Carol? [I don’t know the answer — I just seem to recall his being in favor of bringing the worst Prez in USC’s history aboard]…..


  6. Scooter,

    SC sports is DEAD as of now. You got a dyke lesbo who plays as pitcher. If she gets the position permantly, I am hoping and praying that the alumni stop donating until Folt the Dolt is gone and Barbou, is gone. This is horse crap.


  7. Scooter,

    wasn’t she the one that stopped Cal baseball because of funding? If they hire her permantly, then you can kiss SC sports goodby. At least get a good and young lesbo in office with a conservative agenda.


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