The USC Friday Column Supplement

A play in two acts:


  • Princess Salma of Jordan graduated from USC two weeks ago. Pictured with her mother, Queen Rania.
Photo/Royal Hashemite Court
  • Pete Carroll celebrates victory over UCLA in 2002 on shoulders of offensive linemen Jacob Rogers (left) and Zach Wilson.

94 thoughts on “The USC Friday Column Supplement

  1. If I recall correctly, Trojans were ahead of the gutties 52-7 in the 4th when Pete cleared the bench. USC was probably the best team in the country at that point in time.

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    1. With bozo FB up 12 points, with 10 minutes to go, the Clown U snatches a humiliating defeat from the jaws of a natty victory.

      As usual ’67, bozo FB can’t stand any real competition.

      Cal Poly SLO AD to SUCC: Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

      #Somewhere on earth it’s 13 minutes to 9.


    2. High John!!!!!!! Kan u hlp mee lern two spelll? I tired of sounding lik a Dumb Asss FUCC-TARD!! U cum fix da spellcheck on mi Fone so eye be smart.. ok?!!! Missus say u Kan put here Peenus in ur mouth and used it like Microphone 🎤 2 sing meee a Luv song ❤️


      1. Can someone tell you to stop stalking me….i just slapped your ass around regarding the youtube video….you’re how my little bitch…


      2. The LA Times, Inside USC and SB Nation just slapped your ass around regarding the youtube video….you’re how my little bitch…


      3. In the last play of the game QB took a knee…why do I keep talking shit about the play I am a loser


      4. In the last play of the game the UCLA QB took a knee and the Kansas State player launched over the line to try to take his head off…why do I keep talking shit about the play? I am a loser who denies video and journalistic reports. I must spew my nonsense 24-7.


      5. I am just a lonely sack of feces who has no friends, just a dildo and lube is all I need, and a picture of Gabby.


      6. Even when presented with incontrovertible evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, the psychotic Fake Gabby can’t admit she was wrong. She thinks Rich Eisen is also lying and is in on the Conspiracy!


      7. Fake Gabby- “That was after K State didn’t recover the onside kick, then called timeout with the game clearly over and had the defensive back launch in the air and almost decapitate QB Bret Hundley on the last play of the game when Hundley took a knee…remember? Not exactly Snyder’s best moment.”

        Real Gabby- “That’s not all that happened, you fucking senile troll”

        Ghost- “Real fake Gabby (whoever you are) I watched the video and I didn’t see the play of which post,

        Here is the play in question. There is “NO” DB almost decapitating the QB. I am a fucking loser arguing about a play that clearly didn’t happen.


      8. That’s funny, the tape of the game, the LA Times reporter Chris Foster and Rich Eisen say you are lying. You need serious mental help.

        Jim Mora, Bill Snyder share tense handshake after UCLA’s Alamo Bowl win


        JAN. 2, 2015 11:03 PM PT

        REPORTING FROM SAN ANTONIO — Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder looked perplexed following UCLA’s 40-35 victory in the Alamo Bowl on Friday.
        Bruins Coach Jim Mora met him near midfield and barely shook Snyder’s hand. It was part of a tense finish that had Mora firing off a provocative comment on his Twitter site later.

        “I will defend the safety of my players forever,” Mora posted.

        Quarterback Brett Hundley, receiver Jordan Payton, defensive back Ishmael Adams and other players posted: “Thank you Coach Mora for protecting the team.”

        The Bruins were in the “victory formation” with Hundley taking a knee for three plays. On the last one, following a Kansas State timeout, a Wildcats’ player hurled himself over the line and at Hundley.


  2. How much did USC pay that search firm to miss something that apparently was well known about Bohn ?

    Kinda like the drunk, closeted AD who was oblivious to Sarks drinking and drugs.

    USC, a culture of overpaid stupidity, negligence and incompetence


  3. Of USC’s last 3 Athletic Director’s, Mike Bohn did the best job and the other two were USC grads.

    With Pat Haden and Lynn Swann clearly not giving a fuck about USC athletics, student/athletes and USC’s reputation….you would have thought that they attended Notre Dame

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    1. Aside from Riley what did Bohn accomplish.? He even kept Helton
      for a while, Enfield already in place and he let Smith ( T&F ) go to
      Georgia. Kept that horrible Men Volleyball Coach ( Nygaard ) who is
      still there. Too many other sports to mention.


  4. Ever notice the red-haired ‘binary” he/she aka bel-air tech is never focused on….why is that? I mean a football program that hasn’t played in an actual ‘Rose Bowl Game’ going on 25 yrs and winning it in almost 39 yrs. ….

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    1. Yeah Commie Lust, but UCLA’s MIA RB game streak is so much shorter than bozo BB’s 70 year absence from a NCAA Tournament Final Four berth and their even more impressive stat, the OOOOOOOOOOOOO ferever BB natty streak.

      Thanks Enfield.

      FYI Clownsters, UCLA’s Fangran Tian wins the 2023 NCAA women’s singles NC, w/o losing a single set. Her Natty victory run include an easy 6-3, 6-2 rout of SUCC’s Maddy Sieg in the semifinals.

      Of course, bozo U is all “Fight On,” wait to next year, gaga over Maddy’s semifinal loss… so typical of Avis U.

      Cue: “It’s So Easy”

      What’s up with Maddy face? It looks like Maddy shaved her mug with a dull, discarded, LR disposable razor he used to shave CW’s ass.

      FYI, John Wesley Harding was a Methodist Minister reputed to have killed 40 + nondenominational heathens.


  5. Princess Salma is the first female pilot of the Jordan Air Force. She then decided to attend USC.

    I can’t imagine anyone that important or badass picking a school like UCLA to further her education.

    Owns, tebow, as much as you want to harass people who support USC there are many people more significant than you who feel otherwise.

    100% facts.

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    1. Pissley, there’s no accounting for bad taste.

      SUCC, the Methodist Dump is located smack in the middle of urban ghetto.

      You TW, should know that fogging a mirror is the bozo U equivalent of entrance exams.

      Clown U, the cash and carry college.


      1. Get a new schtick!… You say the same shit 24/7. It’s a perpetual loop with no end. Go do something productive. Trolling a blog for over 15 years is clinical insanity

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      2. I have turned this blog into a shit show Scott is smiling

        but I am Scott or I am I MG


      3. Don’t confuse ‘Sybill’ else the ‘it’ or ‘he/she’ will start to moan.

        Hey ‘dazed and confused’ how many addicts signed up for that former women’s soccer coach course on the genius of ‘the peckerwood’? Now go scamper, as you always do, and verify the addict
        ‘Jill Ellis’….it’s been a mere 8 years since her pronouncement and 13 yrs next month since HRH went to ‘ursa minor’ valhalla…..

        ‘Why do we suck at bel-air tech? Why do all think we’re even worse than the NYJ? Why? Who’ll show us the way? If only…..


      4. Fake Gabby is a homo…. not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s the AIDS Dementia that is the problem.


  6. We need to have the next AD get donors to fund a new “safe space” building for all the underling cupcakes who feel crushed because their managers don’t love and understand their fragile feelings. Today the average upper management manager in private business wouldn’t last one year as an AD at any of these schools…..certainly none of the ones I worked under in 36 years at a big corporation. Nobody ever gave me a big hug everytime I got to work in the morning. It was actually quite stressfull. They paid me well but they expected a lot in return. Only in american schools do the employees expect them to smother you with Champaign and Caviar and hourly times of rest in their “safe spaces”.

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  7. Hey Craps:

    bozo BB trails UCLA in the all-time BB series 114-146 and UCLA has won 11 BB NC’s to bozo BB’s oooofer.


    1. Hey Owns
      UCLA owns (no pun intended) this city in basketball. I’m willing to admit that. But SC owns it in football……..146-114?…….I’m really surprised it’s that close.

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      1. SC killed sucla’s basketball ass in the early 30s, 40s and 50s. It is a game that is played well by women; football is king


      2. Why would I be surprised how close the UCLA-USC basketball rivalry is when USC dominated it until Wooden showed up in Westwood in the 1950s? I never went to SC and know nothing about the rich history and tradition of excellence in all our sports since 1880.


      3. Without the help of Sam Gilbert and organized crime, 10 of those 12 ucla hoops nattys are gone. Poof. Sayonara.


      4. I don’t know!!! Actually, Wooden started coaching college basketball in 1946. Jabbars 1st year at UCLA was 1966. Woodens record from 1946 to 1966(without the great stars) was 405-150. He won 2 NC’s before Jabbar got there with underhwelming players like Keith Erickson, Gail Goodrich, Jack Hirsh, Doug McIntosh, Fred Slaughter, Freddie Goss, Edgar Lacey. The tallest center they had in those 2 years was 6″7′. One of those years they won with Fred Slaughter at center who was 6″5′. In 1962 they finished 4th in the regionals losing their last game to San Francisco 76-75 with Bill Russell and KC Jones. In 1961, they also finished 4th in the nation losing to the eventual winner Cincinnati with Oscar Roberton 72-70. Had they won that game they would have won the NC in 1961. In 1963 and 1964 they won the NC. All this was before Jabbar. He had non-basketball players like Don Bragg(the pole vaulter), Rafer Johnson (track athlete), Bill Kilmer(football). Johnny Wooden is the only person to ever get into the college basketball Hall of Fame as a player and a coach. He once made 134 free throws in a row without a miss. I think he still holds that record. In 1946, he finished 2nd in the NAIA at Indiana State losing to Louisville 82-70.


      5. No doubt you are 007, since at one time SUCC BB was ahead of UCLA BB by about the same margin. But UCLA went on a roll and kicked the shit out of bozo BB 55 straight times. I believe that’s a NCAA BB record for consecutive wins by a one rivalry team over the other.

        Consider 007, Andyain’twinning has in 10 years, been ceded in the NCAA tournament 5 times. The results are:

        3) ONE & DONE defeats.
        1) Sweet 16 defeat
        1) Elite Eight crushing 19 point defeat. But all the team members got a bozo BB ring commemorating that utter, inglorious, BB embarrassment.

        Cue: “Andyain’twinning’s Clowns” sampled to the Everly Bros. “Cathy’s Clown” music.


      6. Fuck you…I have been busy all day with relatives in town. go service your goats dipshit. I see someone is trolling your sorry ass….toooooo funnnnny!!!


      7. Your relatives gave up on your decades ago and now you prowl the LA Public Library and use their computer to make your death threats against posters.


      8. Your relatives gave up on your decad es ago and now you prowl the LA Public Library and use their computer to stalk people on the internet and when you get slapped around like a pinata you cry like a little pussy boy.

        Let’s meet up so you can says the words to my face,


      1. Fake Gabby, did you play Pop Warner football with a leather helmet? Something must account for your damaged brain.


      2. In the 1980’s I was getting butt fucked daily and got Aids. I still enjoy getting butt fucked today. Michael, will you butt fuck me with your little Italian sausage,


    2. Sam Gilbert won those national championships. Oops, the hick from West Virginia won anyway as well and got kicked out because he wasn’t elitist! Funny you don’t mention the series records on football! Your desire to live in the past reminds me of Donald Trump! Care to explain? 100% approved.


      1. Like it or not, Wooden was winning NCs before Sam Gilbert showed up. It’s a losing proposition to trash Wooden’s Era. Instead lets concentrate on what John McKay was doing for USC football at the exact same time.


  8. It is rare that mom exceeds daughter, but I would take the queen over the princess

    Can we stop chewing on the ‘Bon-Bons’ already

    Aside from coaching football, we forget Carroll was one great human being

    If I want political news I don’t turn to Wolf’s blog


      1. I love my President Biden even though he is unfit for office and cruelly denies the existence of his granddaughter his son Hunter fathered with a stripper.


    1. Here’s the solution: Just promise potential new AD that they will redo his/her office with flowers and toys and instead of a comfortable office chair at his/her desk, they’ll put in a giant baby carraige.


  9. Memo to: Crabs

    Practice what you preach Eight Ball. I can’t help it SUCC SUCC’s.

    #Truth hurts Crabs. Deal with it.


  10. Memo to: ’67

    Really, did Gilbert suit up and play for UCLA? I don’t think so. As I remember it ’67, UCLA won 11 BB, natties in single elimination NCAA Tournament competition; NO VOTING involved. Hell bozo bb couldn’t get a tournament invitation ’cause they were always such bone fide head to head, chump losers.

    Clown U reminds me of the kid who always gets caught for cheating. I mean how many times has Clown U been sanctioned by the NCAA for bald face cheating.

    Kiffy Goat: “Sanctions, what sanctions.” LOL.

    Coach Wooden never had to employ a coveted recruit’s Ta-Ta to a land a commitment. You know like that human ATM, Old Man Mobley Andyain’twinning bribed.

    You ’67 should seek immediate medical attention for your ugly case of 24 carat senility.


    1. Mr. Owns do you have a real job one that actually pays money you camp out on scotty’s blog where is your life


      1. Ah no. I’m here to annoy you Crabs, and register my absolute appreciation of SUCC family losers like yourself.

        #I think I got the latter sentence syntax correct.

        #No excuses if I didn’t.


      2. I am such an idiot I don’t know the definition of spamming put a gun to my temple


  11. Owns
    I disagree. Andy Enfield is a good coach. I think he’s a better recruiter than Cronin. You can tell something about a coach by the way his team plays defense and I thought SC was a fairly good defensive team last year. Maybe a better recruiter but not as good a coach as Cronin. Cronin is somewhat like Ben Howland in the sense that his biggest negative is that he develops players too fast. After a year under Cronin, the players feel that they are ready for the NBA(and many of them are) and they leave UCLA. Then Cronin has to start over. Howland was like that. He was great in player developement. Russell Westbrook was not recruited extremely heavily after high school. He came on to UCLA as a walk-on and then a scholarship opened up when Jordan Farmar left early. In two years, Howland turned him into a star. But in other ways, Cronin is even a better coach than Howland.


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