USC Averaged Only 5 Points In 3rd Quarter

According to SportsPac12, USC averaged only 5.4 points in the third quarter last season. That ranked 10th among Pac-12 schools.
Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones and Co. and USC averaged 5.4 points?
That means someone was making halftime adjustments: the other team.

The full list:

1. Washington, 10.1

2. Arizona, 9.8

3. UCLA, 8.5

4. ASU, 8.1

5. Stanford, 7.3

6. Colorado, 6.8

7. Cal, 6.7

8. Utah, 6.5

9. WSU, 5.5

10. USC, 5.4

11. OSU, 4.4

12. Oregon, 4.0


UPDATED: Sports Pac 12 noted later that USC averaged 10.4 points in the fourth quarter, which was the best in the Pac-12 Conference. What do I attribute that to? Sam Darnold’s fourth-quarter heroics, which often came more from free-lancing than a set philosophy from play-calling.

7 thoughts on “USC Averaged Only 5 Points In 3rd Quarter

  1. So when they scored points, it was all due to Sam. When they didn’t score points, it had nothing to do with Sam. Stop Sam-goggling. He left the program, already…. Get back to your JT Daniels bashing.

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    1. You’re missing the big, overarching point, Lamont. If Clay were a master strategist (like Mike Leach), USC would’ve roared out of the halftime locker room and scored 5.5 points in the third quarter —-instead of a measly 5.4.


      1. This is the most meaningless stat ever and it in no way provides any proof of the conclusions proffered by Mr. Wolfe. First, USC outscored or tied almost everyone that they played in the third quarter. Second, if you take the second Stanford and bowl games out (which I presume they did) then USC outscored their opposition. Third, it does not account for who had the ball first at the start of the second half. Fourth, it does not account for turnovers (including Darnold’s). I could go on and on about how stupid these conclusions are but it seems pointless. The only conclusions you can make are that this data provides no valuable information and that using it to credit Sam or blame Helton is done by agenda and not analysis.

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    2. I was thinking the same thing. When its good, Sam’s responsible, when its bad, Helton/Coaching staff/Administration is responsible.


      1. I thought ALL 21st century debate proceeded via agenda, and not analysis, BarneFife.


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