USC Currently Sixth In Directors’ Cup Standings

With its national title in women’s water polo, USC is No. 6 in the Directors’ Cup, which gives points for each NCAA sport. USC has 735.50 points. Interestingly, UCLA is No. 5 with 876 points.

Men’s and women’s track; Baseball along with men’s and women’s golf are still to be added to the standings.

Stanford, as usual, is No. 1 in the standings with 1,194 points.



10 thoughts on “USC Currently Sixth In Directors’ Cup Standings

  1. Love the track and golf and water polo programs!!!! Great job, Trojans, each year you battle for ole SC!!’ Fight On and win! And Scott, you do great work too!!! Thank you all….


      1. You’re a great Trojan too, Michael! All good…pumped up when I see players play hard and smart in concert with their coaches….that develops the Spirit of Troy…our strength!

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  2. For what it’s worth, Sports Illustrated predicts that the Trojans will NOT be back in the conference championship game (i.e., we won’t even take Pac 12 South). Their prediction is based on the following logic: J. T. Daniels will start, to win with a frosh quarterback takes creative play calling, USC doesn’t have the coaching talent to make it work.

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    1. The trenches and the backers and the wideouts, along with a secondary who will be playing for their very lives, good enough to overcome our quarterback transition…no excuses….let’s go….your alma mater looks up to you….

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      1. Alv —Helton just has to be too smart to think he can hide behind Sears or Fink. Bring on Daniels….


  3. Stephen — You’re right. USC needs a point guard….who can occasionally throw an accurate 45 yard bomb to Pittman or Jones….


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