Will Notre Dame Limp Into Coliseum?

Take a look at the final month of Notre Dame’s schedule (above).

The Irish go to San Diego to play Navy, play Northwestern and Florida State (two potentially tough games), then go to New York to play Syracuse.

After all that, Notre Dame comes to Los Angeles to play USC at the Coliseum, Oh wait, the United Airlines Coliseum. Yeah, right.

Anyways, two trips to Southern California in a month. That doesn’t sound good for any team. Brian Kelly will be complaining in November.

6 thoughts on “Will Notre Dame Limp Into Coliseum?

  1. And your point being? It is nd’s fault scheduling. They don’t play in a conference. They schedule any one they want anywhere they want. Let them whine.


  2. ‘blank’ them and their perennial con game of being relevant – they’ve gamed the system for decades…they haven’t won a national championship in almost 30 years…they play in phony ‘neutral’ sites that are heavily slanted towards them (NYC, Boston, etc.)…they have ‘play-in’ scenarios should they ever get close to actually vie for the ACC CG that mandate they only have to play five ACC opponents….they rig their schedule so they only to have to face Clemson or FL St. or Miami – on the road – once every 3+ years….even with that huge NBC tv contract they still suck


  3. Once upon a time, Notre Dame’s teams were known as ‘Rockne’s Ramblers’ for their willingness to travel anywhere to play a game. If Rockne were still around, he would be absolutely giddy the Irish were bouncing from city to city to play games.

    Brian Kelly (and other teams) shouldn’t complain about travel being so tough. With air travel, teams are back home within six to nine hours of a game ending. If they think all that travel on a plane is too tough, make them travel for two days on an overnight train like they did way back when.


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