USC Needs An Interim President

We don’t even know when Max Nikias is stepping down yet but who will replace him as interim president?

Here’s the speculation going around campus:

Could it be his No. 2 Michael Quick, who is provost and senior vice president for academic affairs? But I’ve been waiting for Quick to take some hits from the recent scandals because he is so closely associated with Nikias. He would not seem like change.

Another name I’ve heard is John Slaughter. He was president at Occidental College from 1988-99 and is currently a professor at USC’s School of Education.

If USC wants to look at one of its deans, the natural choice would be Jim Ellis, who has been in charge of the business school since 2007. Both would probably be fine keeping USC on auto pilot without any baggage.

At what point does USC announce Nikias will depart? I guess that is up to the Board of Trustees and we all know how hard they work.

And then someone has to accept what might be viewed as a thankless job.

7 thoughts on “USC Needs An Interim President

    1. Time for someone to take another look at Condi and W’s dance routine in Will Ferrell’s “You’re Welcome, America!”


  1. Hiring from outside does not make any sense business wise.. There are many internally that could work or stay within the alumni base and hire someone who understands USC.. And no not Pat Haden! Lol

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  2. Buddha, I’m afraid u are right. Hire someone with an academic and athletic background. Darryl Gross, Marvin Cobb, and others that understand what USC is all about is needed


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