USC Morning Buzz: What’s Being Discussed On Campus?

A few interesting things going around the USC campus . . .

  • Willow Bay’s name has been seriously floated as an interim president. She is the dean of the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. You might know her better as the former host of NBA Inside Stuff.

Her husband is Robert Iger, the CEO of Walt Disney Co., who is reportedly worth about $100 million.

  • If you think Bay would be a star-system choice, another name being floated is Condoleeza Rice to be the next school president.

I cannot imagine Rice actually wants the job when she can do the important work of starting the College Football Playoff or heading a College Basketball Commission that quickly drew criticism last month.

Here’s a revolutionary idea: Maybe USC will just hire someone who already has experience as a college president.

  • And what of current president Max Nikias? When will he formally resign? Changes to the university PR materials are already starting to be made, including a re-editing of the “Welcome” video used during the summer orientation sessions that features Nikias.
  • Memo to all baseball prospects. Your social media accounts are searched by major league teams and everyone else before and during the MLB draft.
  • USC first baseman Dillon Paulson was drafted by the Dodgers in the 13th round Wednesday and then it quickly emerged he used a gay slur to describe Dodgers outfielder

“There’s nothing that excuses that,” Paulson said in an interview with SCNG “It’s not correct. It’s embarrassing. Being young and dumb is not an excuse. I’m embarrassed. I wish it never went out. I was young, thinking it was funny. It’s obviously not funny. It’s not the way I want to represent myself. Not how I want to carry myself.”


15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What’s Being Discussed On Campus?

  1. Scooter,

    USC does not need another Political Correct person like Willow Bay. Without knowing her or what she stands for, her husband Robert Iger let us know where he stands by not firing the ESPN lady when she called President Trump a, “White Supremicist”. He is a PC person so knowing that he has a 100 million in his pocket, his wife will follow suit just so at least she can have some of the pocket change.

    Bring in Rice. She has shown that she can make sound decisions when she was in front of the witch hunt when she was secretary of the state.
    She is good and I like her.


    1. Rice is a big time loser who has turned to sports for her image away from politics. She is a Black Republican who has no backbone for social justice like our do nothing AD Lynn Swann.Pasadena Trojan another dumb conservative right winger living in the hot bed of Pasadena who can’t come up with a better handle for an username. Trump is not even smart enough to know what a “White Supremicist” is blaming Canada for setting the White House on fire in 1814.


      1. What a racist clown you are – ok to mock conservative black republicans – wonder what you and the rest of your progressive trash would do if someone had the temerity to say what ‘barakska’ really is and was = a cheap street hustler who had a reputation for being a lazy do nothing con artist “Say now iman how about I give you all $400 million no strings attached…after all I am barakska!


  2. I hope everything I say or do on social media doesn’t bite me in the aspect of lower gluteus regions. I may have posted an off color joke or two in my past.
    Maybe we should return to respecting each other’s right to an opinion and freedom of speech. Perhaps maybe allow people to hold their prejudices to themselves.


  3. Old Trojan,

    The lady on ESPN said this on her show. If they fired Rosanne for her comment, then the ESPN lady should have been fired as well. But Iger proved that ABC, ESPN, Disney are PC by not firing her.

    What you say privately is your business and if you make a mistake, so be it. I have opened my big mouth in private and I got kicked for it by friends. I have opened my big mouth at work and their were consequences, even though where I work is a PC dominate clip joint. But with the ESPN lady there were no consequences nor any apology by Iger. But when Rosanne spoke up he apologized to everyone and his mother. That is hypocarcy. That is why I won’t go to Rat Land anymore, aka Disneyland, try and not watch a Disney movie, or buy their crud.


    1. America needs to make adjustments and realize that we all need do overs….let the mulligans prevail because they provide a pathway to much good…..


      1. Easier said than done….if you need a kickstarter daily, just turn on CNN and start interceding for the country…Imaginative prayer counts I believe….


  4. USC maybe the laziest institution when it comes to hiring people I’ve ever seen. They pay tons of money to firms to do ” nationwide searches” and then they hire someone from within anyway.


  5. Bring in Condi Rice!

    Her time as Secretary of State can do nothing but help the overseas outreach Max set up for foreign students. Those students may not know much of the U.S. but I’m pretty sure they would have heard her name as U.S. Secretary of State.

    She also would be an inspirational choice as an African – American woman at a school surrounded by predominantly black neighborhoods.

    And, she would most certainly be friendlier to sports and football, something which Max struggled with.

    Come on Board of Trustees! Go make her an offer she can’t refuse!


  6. Her knowing academia, stateshood, how the sports programs drive the school, her being black and female and showing that you can accomplish and be enpowered, plus she won’t put up with the balony. My only thought is either SC is too grounded in their pride, too lazy to hire her, or she won’t show up. Too bad for SC.


  7. Just watching DC defeat Vegas 4 – 3 to win the Stanley Cup – oh how I wish USC would field a mens hockey team to play at Galen!

    What a great moment for the Capitals after all these years (44) and what a remarkable 1st year for the Vegas Knights!


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