USC v. Iowa In Holiday Bowl?

You want a bowl projection? Phil Steele has a bowl projection. Steele has USC playing Iowa in the Holiday Bowl.

The Holiday Bowl again? That is not exciting. Especially in awful stadium in San Diego.

Here are the rest of Steele’s bowl projections:

Orange—Washington vs Alabama

Fiesta—Texas vs Boise State

Alamo—TCU vs Stanford

Holiday—USC vs Iowa

San Francisco—Oregon vs Minnesota

Sun—Utah vs Louisville

Las Vegas—Colorado vs Fresno State

Cactus—Arizona vs Iowa State


6 thoughts on “USC v. Iowa In Holiday Bowl?

    1. Steele —who really does know a thing or two about ranking individual units —doesn’t rank USC in the top 55 in the quarterback department (and that’s as far as his rankings go). How brain dead can Helton be to have recruited so poorly in the one area in which he is supposed to have expertise? On the other hand, Helton’s recruiting in the (1) Linebacker, (2) Defensive Back and (3) Special Teams areas seems to impress Steele —he ranks them Top 3 in the nation in the first two categories and 12th in the nation in the 3rd. And Steele sees our o-line as 9th best in the nation.


  1. I think that if the qb situation takes off and flourishes, then SC can beat Washington. It is that it will take time and at what cost.


  2. I still do not understand the Washington hype. What have they done in the off season to warrant their unreasonably high predictions?


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