And Now The Latest Episode Of As USC Turns

I wonder who at USC thought it was a good idea that provost Michael Quick would be acting president at USC for the summer?

Quick was Max Nikias’ right-hand man and played a role in the recent controversies that brought down Nikias. I’m not sure the faculty or students wanted him to replace Nikias, even for a limited time. If USC understands it needs to change, making Quick the acting president is hardly a symbol that it gets it.

I’m surprised someone as media savvy as trustee Rick Caruso signed off on this move.

An interim president totally unconnected to the controversies like Willow Bay would have been much better.


11 thoughts on “And Now The Latest Episode Of As USC Turns

  1. My only hope is that this piece doesn’t trigger another round of ‘Condi Rice for President’ replies. [I’d just rather not wake up every morning to an article featuring Condi saying she needs to fix some problem in some department before it turns into “a mushroom cloud”]……


    1. Condi Rice would be much better than Willow Bay.

      Hiring Bay would bring more national embarrassment to USC while hiring Rice would be more prestigious to the academic community everywhere.


  2. Michael,

    Maybe that is what USC needs, Condi Rice. Maybe it needs to be turned on its head to clear all the crud out of USC. Start with a clean slate and someone who has no ties to the school so when it is time to fire people, she will have no conscious and she will just do the firing. SC needs clearing completely out. Bring her in, the sooner the better.

    BTW Scooter,
    Please have an “Episode” every day. That would be kick.

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  3. Stephen —Scott can be President, you can be Chairman of the Board (Frank Sinatra’s old title), P.T. can be Supreme Commander (Eisenhower’s old title), Pudly can be Master of the Known World (Alexander the Great’s old title), I’ll be Leader of the Gang (Mickey Mouse’s old title), and Karma can be Rear Admiral (just becuz)…..

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  4. Just sayin’ but if USC hires Willow Bay it won’t be her calling the shots.

    She would be the puppet while the real “power behind the throne” would be her husband, Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

    Disney already screwed up Star Wars with the disastrous ‘The Last Jedi.’ Do you want Disney to screw up USC, too?

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    1. I think USC is safe with Willow as President as long as Luke Skywalker isn’t recruited by Helton……..


  5. Get rid of Quck and do it ‘quick’ – he’s the type of sleaze that gave counsel or condoned such that led to these scandals and in particular the pay outs to rid the school of both Porfiato and the perv doctor.

    Get rid of Quck


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