Sunday World Cup Talk

Are you watching Germany-Mexico?

This does not look like your typical German team down 1-0 at halftime. But they are pushing for a goal in the second half.

Mexico is lively and giving Fox a team to promote without the U.S. But will Mexico wilt before the game ends?

This game certainly is more fun than Serbia-Costa Rica (very early) this morning.

UPDATED: Mexico holds on for the 1-0 victory. Next up is Brazil-Switzerland.

UPDATED II: Another big surprise as Switzerland holds Brazil to a 1-1 draw. Neymar is still no Ronaldo.


4 thoughts on “Sunday World Cup Talk

  1. Scooter,

    Maybe you should write for El Soccero or Soccerro or one of these soccer magazines. Because my response is, who cares?!


  2. Oh look Frank that gopher just popped up! Where? I wasn’t watching darn it I missed it….this game sucks …. nothing happens except a bunch of male models that look and act like Tom Brady keep grabbing their knees and then race around when the gopher pops up playing ‘airplanes’….


  3. God gave us hands for a reason. The only player able to use hands wears oversized gloves??? What’s THAT all about? Ohhh, I know uh-hum lil man


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