The Value Of Offering Eighth Graders

USC offering a scholarship to Tee Martin’s son, Kaden, who is entering ninth grade, reminded me of a few other cases.

Quarterback David Sills (pictured) committed to USC as a seventh grader and then was nudged aside and is now a wide receiver at West Virginia.

USC offered Nathan Tilford as an eighth grader. He is playing running back at Arizona.

Quarterback Tate Martell committed to Washington entered eighth grade and then committed to Texas A&M before signing with Ohio State.

What happens today doesn’t usually matter much in four or five years. Will Tee Martin be at USC in four years? Will Clay Helton? Will Lynn Swann? Will Max Nikias? Oh wait.


6 thoughts on “The Value Of Offering Eighth Graders

  1. It’s apropos that you bring up Max Nikias here— it’s starting to look like Helton’s scholarship offers to his daughters are gonna be withdrawn…..

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  2. By the way, if Max plays his cards right, he just may still be ‘transitioning’ out of the presidency in 2022…

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  3. Kiyaunta Goodwin is an eighth grader just offered by bama, and already boasts offers from other sec and acc schools. In a recent pic with SC legend Anthony Munoz, he actually dwarfs the Hall of Famer at 6’7” and 350 lbs.
    As far as not ending up where you started, there a many who were never offered who fit that criteria also, some even on our own team. Perhaps if no one was able to offer or recruit until the end of the season of their senior year that wouldn’t happen. But then there was Velus Jones, who went from SC commit to OK commit back to SC commit all just the last week before signing his LOI.

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