A Busy Week Begins

It’s Monday, which means another busy week around USC.

Five-star cornerback Chris Steele of St. John Bosco will make his official visit to the campus this weekend.

Steele is looking at USC and USC (South Carolina). So expect him to commit to USC (in Los Angeles).

If USC ever loses a local recruit to South Carolina, it should fire its coaches.

When USC had its satellite camp last week, a football program staffer had to escort Steele away from Florida’s coaches (including Dan Mullen), who were making their case to Steele near the McKay Center.

That’s what happens when you invite 50 collleges to your satellite camp on your campus: They recruit too.

  • Three accusers of a former USC gynecologist George Tyndall will testify before a State Senate Committee today.
  • I’ve been wondering what is going on with USC president Max Nikias, who has not formally stepped down.

“He is on an extended vacation for a couple months,” said Rick Caruso, the chair of USC’s Board of Trustees in this interview.

Sounds like he is on “garden leave,” as they say in the England.

In an incredibly tone-deaf move, provost Michael Quick is the acting president while Nikias is away. Quick was Nikias’ right-hand man and not viewed as a change agent.

Caruso didn’t like the suggestion the Board of Trustees were too supportive of Nikias and not really independent by initially releasing a statement of support for the president.

“I think that’s a misperception to be honest,” Caruso said. “I was in those meetings. The concern that the board had wasn’t with the president or any of the administration. The concern was, ‘What has happened here? Why wasn’t there more information released sooner? What are we doing to help the students?’ And we made all the changes to protect them. You got to remember the president has lost his job over this so that’s an enormous amount of accountability that was imposed by the Board of Trustees.”

Yeah, the president lost his job after a huge backlash to Nikias and a vote of no confidence from the faculty senate.




15 thoughts on “A Busy Week Begins

  1. The next one should be Michael Quick and then go after the in-house counsel (Carol Amir) whether they directed or agreed to the decisions made by Nikias but Quick – yeah get Quick out.


  2. Clean out most of the Board of Trustees. They can’t be trusted either. If Nikas is on a two month vacation, then get a couple movers from USC and have them pack his office and ship all the stuff to Nikas’ house while he is gone. Have it sit on the porch and when he gets home, it will hit him that he just lost his job and a fine paying job at that. He can sort through the crud at his home and on his time.


    1. That’s one approach open to USC, P. T. There’s also the one in which Max keeps a low profile for months, USC puts together a Super Fund for all the victims (who get their money as soon as they sign releases) and Max returns to deliver a heartfelt apology and a new “3 Point Plan.”

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      1. You’re right, Pudly —-mistakes made during his tenure as A. D. hardly erase Haden’s achievements on the field.

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  3. There is much to pray about….I hope and trust Mr Caruso, Mr Quick and the Board are doing so for He is faithful….this cannot be about legal standing alone….that would be the only mistake moving forward…You must humble yourself and pray for the school and its direction…..this is the beginning of knowledge….Seek and you will find…knock and and it shall be open unto you…all of us can intervene right where we are with our grievances and petitions…I feel badly for the Trojans who suffered all these years with no help omg….😢….I hope they will recover….


  4. Stephen,

    You are so right about praying and asking for help from the Dear Lord. SC needs prayers. They need to get back on the right track. That would be integrity and honesty. NO more cover ups. May the victims be shown mercy, kindness, love, and support for what they went through. May the Adm. ask for forgiveness and own up to what went wrong. This is true for your nation as well.


    1. What kind of religious B/S is this about the Lord our Master doing anything to save the world? Your Priests are the ones who started all
      this cover up molesting young boys for years. That is a lot worse than
      getting an exam from a licensed Gynecologist where no one was injured
      or raped.


      1. Free will was instituted at Creation….you either choose to do good or you choose to do evil……I’m not Catholic, but independent…That means they have their space but they are not above any in judgement …..I agree about the priests and, for that matter, the deification of the Pope….they are people just like all and therefore subject to bad if not catastrophic choices….my authority comes from the Creator….I’ve been kicked out of a Christian Church for opposing a pastor and board that were corrupt in understanding and spirit….Nevertheless, one must endure the foolishness and account for yourself in life and at death…we should fear the Lord because he is the only one who can kill us twice…that means hell for lack of belief……I don’t come to you out of weakness but strength…. I’ve faced much adversity and still my faith is in tact not in institutions but in the Creator….without faith it is impossible to please God the Father, the Creator….one of the best ways to exercise your faith to the appropriate authority is to pray hard…..you should know you are no exception to the rule as you too are accountable to your Creator….you make a lot of statements that show a lack of knowledge about life….simply bow in private and ask for help from the One who made you because no one does anything alone and we cannot see or forecast everything……realizing our limitations in prayer to Him is the first step….call it insurance toward winning……


      2. How do you move mountains? Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord…the truth is many of us are weak and lazy and non existent in prayer for one reason or another….I understand this because I was one at times but no longer….


      3. The fact that you say no one was injured by a liscensed is ignorance…and you deciding which sin is more agregious than another is foolish…..it’s rampant in your camp…


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