Morning Buzz: Who Is The Real USC?

Here’s a video from over the weekend where quarterback Ryan Hilinski of Orange Lutheran, who is committed to South Carolina, says, “Southern Cal, the fake USC.”

I’m probably more impressed he has already learned to say “Southern Cal” like someone who lives back east than label it the fake USC.


8 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Who Is The Real USC?

  1. Apprantley he is confused about which USC is real and which is fake. If he knows his football history he would either shut his trap or show respect to the real USC.

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  2. That public school in Columbia, SC can’t even put ‘SC’ on their helmets or jerseys – they foolishly didn’t realize the need to copyright trademarks and have lost several cases brought by ‘USC’. It is the worst place for a head coach to recruit players in the nation of any Div. 1 program save for KS and Clemson’s NC plus the burgeoning growth of NC-Charlotte isn’t helping things. Remember Lou Holtz’s tenure there? Overall 33 – 37 and in-conf. a sterling 19 – 29. Nobody in their right mind wants to attend school let alone play there.

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  3. Well he did throw a pass against no rush to a very poorly defended receiver, so maybe he will an asset in humid South Carolina instead of setass here in Southern California. Spurts up young man go lamecocks… dang spell check

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    1. My first year of college I was in Charleston….come to think of it – it’ll be 50 years ago next month. Remember vividly descending the flight ramps and getting blasted back by the horrific humidity/heat and saying “Hey cut the engines!’ and then hearing a deep drawl and chuckling as the airline contact said “That’s the weather son.”


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