Sunday Night With Clay Helton

USC coach Clay Helton was in fine form Sunday night.

“I can’t wait for people to see this team come November, because I believe in where they’re going, I see where they’re going,” Helton said.

Does anyone think this coaching staff will deliver improvement? Or any success other an easy Pac-12 schedule?

Helton on the Arizona game: “We had the opportunity to separate ourselves and end the game but penalties and turnovers allowed Arizona to stay in the game.”

Helton said the victory “puts us in position to control our destiny in the Pac-12 South.”

Yes, it’s always about winning the Pac-12 South.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. The real trouble is that even his finest form isn’t good enough to take his team to the proper destination. Can’t squeeze fine wine from the second and third grade grapes, and this guy just doesn’t have what it takes to be a quality head coach for a high caliber football team like SC. My suggestion to him is that he resigns for mutual benefits both for himself and the school because he’s taking excessive amount of stress that amounts to nothing for the program’s prestige and reputation.

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  2. Did Helton really say “I can’t wait for people to see this team come November?” Right now, Trojans would be lucky to stay within 28 points of ND, which is Nov. 24.

    Agree Helton should take a knee and resign. He is in way over his head.

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  3. Helton has no idea of who to hire or why – Kiffin was and is far better than Helton and they were both OC’s

    CO is not going to be an easy game in fact – save for OR St. the remaining 6 games are going to a battle and esp. the Irish. Credit due to what Kelly did since 2016 – replaced his entire staff and the results are telling.

    Anyone else tired of his bragging how he hasn’t lost a game at the Coliseum? Reminds one of Mora bragging about how he’d won 9 games in 2012 and 10 games for bel-air tech from 2013-2014…he did it with Neuheisel’s recruits …. as for Helton – USC recruits itself

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  4. I read that he was asked about the bad snaps during the game and his answer is Toa’s doing just fine!!??? Any coach who can count on a center bouncing one in four snaps, when not chop blocking or holding is not ready for college level coaching. We need a highlight reel not a blooper reel.


  5. Looking at the keg 1/2 full, I applaud Helton for not throwing Toa or any other player under the bus. That being said, Nebraska’s Scott Frost drew a line in the sand and said that he wouldn’t start any players that were undisciplined. Now I know the Huskers lost, but did SC’s win feel a whole lot better than an L? I just wish that the Trojans had a coach who showed more passion ( like Frost) and/or just kept his cool under pressure (like Carroll). Right now, it is obvious that Helton is in way over his head.


    1. Helton needs to cut back playing time of Toa until he gets his s..t together with snaps and Chuma. Helton needs to keep these kids engaged on the sidelines too.


  6. Actually, yes. I think they’ll be a lot better in November. And your refrain will be highly predictable – “if they could do this now, why the hell did they lose to very average teams in Stanford and Texas???” Sometimes, you’ve got to break your pattern, Scottie – just to keep people guessing.


  7. November????? Despite having top 5 recruiting classes over the last 4 years, the concept of “reloading” has been lost on CH and his staff. BAMA graduated 9 players from last year’s defense. Has anybody seen a drop in their performance? How about Ohio State? They lost 7 fifth-year seniors, including quarterback J.T. Barrett–he holds nearly every OSU passing record–and defensive end Tyquan Lewis–a Big Ten defensive player of the year. Has anybody seen their performance dip?

    News flash for Swann, Helton & staff: THE TIME IS FREAKING NOW!


  8. Just looking at this picture of Helton, the “deer in the headlight” look, just illustrates how out of his element he is in.


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