An Unpopular Opinion On Kliff Kingsbury

With USC fans continuing to worship the idea of hiring Kliff Kingsbury, just a contrarian view that an NFL coach shared with me.

“He couldn’t win with Patrick Mahomes,” the coach said.

Texas Tech was 12-13 with Mahomes starting the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Now it should be said the offense was ranked in the top 6 nationally both seasons and Kingsbury won’t be coaching the USC defense.

On the other hand, JT Daniels is no Patrick Mahomes.

I think Jack Sears should start but I’m not sure Kingsbury would be allowed by Clay Helton to bench Daniels.

And Clancy Pendergast is an extremely average defensive coordinator at best.

Also, the Big 12’s not exactly known for it defenses.

Do I think Kingsbury would be a good hire for USC? Yes.

Do I think people are going overboard at the moment? Yes.


20 thoughts on “An Unpopular Opinion On Kliff Kingsbury

  1. I doubt he would take the job under the thumb of dumb ass no bowl game helton…I’m sure he has a few million to fall back on at this time.


  2. You’re so classic with your evaluation of the degree to which people go overboard on various things. And you answered your own question.. If TTech was 6th nationally on offense, I’ll take it. And with Mahomes, you ever heard of a “late bloomer”? Like Tyron Smith – he was average at SC and blossomed in Dallas. I’m looking for some sophistication in argument here, Scottie. Not this tawdry stuff…..


    1. Mr. Raymond, remind me of all the great FB coaches sporting the 6th rated, Div. 1 offense and a losing record for three straight years. “Well Owns,” you say, “he didn’t have a good defense.” Possibly, but wasn’t K.K. responsible, as the HFBC, for the team’s weak TT def.


    2. His point is that it’s a lot easier to be highly ranked on offense when you coach in the big 12 and never have to face a real defense.

      And Tyron smith wasn’t average at SC. He was the starting right tackle on one of the best o-lines USC has had in probably 40 years. He was right tackle because left tackle was being manned by Matt kahlil, who was an absolute stud in college and a year below smith.

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  3. Shocker you would find ways to spin this negatively.

    We could get bill bilicheck and nick Saban and Scottie would find a way to trash it.


    1. Your laser hit on bel-air tech’s great teams was accurate….that “….I almost caught the pass…” team of 1998……then down their patented self-pitying rabbit hole of ineptitude and excuses.


  4. Clearly he did a pot job with the D, but that’s because he jumped to a HC position too soon, and was way over his head on that side of the ball.

    He clearly knows how to move the ball and put up points, I wouldn’t say “look at his record” and base his effectiveness as an OC off that.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t have him replace Helton as HC, kK still doesn’t know what he’s doing for an HC position.


  5. Remind us of any great UCLA football teams. ~ Bumbles ‘O’ SUCCX

    Absolutely Bumbles, the 3 – 9, 2018 Bruins who forced SUCCX to cough up the “Victory Bell.” Doo dah, doo dah.



  6. I give Scott credit when he is right, but his arguments sometimes are shady at best. He talks to one scout, gets his opinion, and then draws conclusions. LAZY.


    1. The QB position is difficult to project when they go from college to pros; Brady was a 5th draft pick; Brees wasn’t drafted highly; Favre, lower round draft pick; Montana was drafted 82nd. Saying that Kingsbury should have done better with Mahomes is shortsighted. Who is this dope of a scout?



  7. So far, Scott Wolf has been on point criticizing the garbage coaching USC football for the last 7 years, so I’m not sure why people think he’s hating. Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and now Clueless Clay Helton all have been horrible coaches for the Trojans.

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  8. Top five in turnovers, top five in penalties, top five in plays run, and top five in pass vs run so no ball control and no playing for field position. You can run up some gaudy numbers if that’s your goal vs. winning. But I expect our passing game will be off the charts. It won’t win national championships but that’s so 2005. 2019 USC is about being entertaining. Woot!


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